Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Friend Powder

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There are a lot of different items and materials that players can collect in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, but one of the oddest is Friend Power. Unlike other crafting materials in this game, it appears you can only obtain this powder by reaching Stretch Goals or Timed Goals tied to the online component of the game. This makes it far different than other materials, as these can typically be acquired simply by completing favors or leveling up.

In order to obtain Friend Powder, you will need to first make a few friends which can be done a few different ways. The first is by giving or obtaining a friend code, which is a unique 11 digit number tied to your own account. This allows players to send Friend Requests to one another easily and is the only way to directly add someone you don’t run into while exploring the camp. If you don’t have anyone to add don’t fret because Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is online so you can bump into others scattered across the campgrounds. People will typically appear in areas where the animals appear and are always by their campers so make sure to look out for them.


Once you find someone go up to them and tap on their body. This will bring up a menu where you can send a friend request to this person. They will have to accept, but if that person does then you will become friends with them without ever having to give out your code. Sadly this is a slower method because Animal Crossing Pocket Camp tends to start populating your game with people you’re friends with and not newcomers. It’s advised that you send our requests to everyone you come across as this will expand your options in game and make obtaining Friend Powder easier.

To gain Friend Power bring up your friend menu in the Misc Options section of the game and select someone you want to visit. Click “Visit Player” and you will automatically be whisked away to their campgrounds. Now you can run around their campsite, examine their various designs, interact with objects, and even enter their camper. Once you’re done exploring go up to your friend and click on them. A few options will pop up, but the one you want to hit is called “Give Kudos.” A quick animation will play and then you will regain control of your character.

There are a few Stretch Goals tied to giving and obtaining Kudos from players, both of which will reward Friend Powder. It pays to be nice in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, so make sure to always hit up others and help them out. Make sure to also check every few hours to see if Friend Powder is listed as a reward for Timed Goals. This is a fairly rare item and it’s absolutely required if you want to build specific furniture to draw new animals to your home. Always try to obtain Friend Powder whenever possible, especially if you want to build all of the furniture in the game.

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