Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Sell Items

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There are a lot of things to do in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, but one of the most common involves designing your own campsite and camper. Doing so will help you gain new friends and level them up so you can acquire crafting materials, money, and new furniture. However,  it will cost a significant amount of Bells to truly trick out your campgrounds. While there are a lot of ways to obtain this in-game currency, one of the easiest is simply through selling materials or unwanted goods to vendors.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp never outwardly explains this feature, but thankfully it’s fairly straightforward. There are three ways to sell your items, with only one of them involving the online feature of Pocket Camp. Once you complete the tutorial the Market Place will unlock allowing you to sell specific items to both Mabel and Timmy. To sell items to these vendors go and speak to them directly and then select “Yes!” when they ask if you’re interested in selling an item today. Both Timmy and Mabel will only purchase clothing or furniture items.

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If you want to sell fruit, fish, or bugs then you will need to hit the suitcase icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. From here, select the fruit icon to bring up a list of collected items that you can use to level up friends. Your inventory has a finite amount of space, so it’s important to always sell items that you have a surplus of.  Click on whatever you want to make Bells from and then hit the “Sell” icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. This will bring you to a second menu where the quantity of items you want to get rid of is determined. There is no changing the base price offered and typically it won’t be more than a handful of Bells.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Market Box

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The final way to sell your items is via the Market Box which is one of the main online components of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. This feature allows players to list various items for increased prices in hopes that someone will purchase them. There is no guarantee that any of these materials will sell, but it’s a great way to supplement your income. To list an item either reopen the inventory menu and select Sell This Item or open the Market Box in the More Options menu.

You can also purchase items from the Market Box, but you need to either be friends with or find someone out on the campgrounds It’s highly recommended to send friend requests out to all of the people you come across to open up more chances to purchase rare items that players put on sale. Plus, the people you become friends with can also view your Markey Box and potentially spend Bells on your goods. After all, how are you going to pay all those loans without some extra Bells?

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