ARMS New Character is Misango, Will Come With 4.0 Update

ARMS 4.0 Update: New Fighter – Misango – Nintendo SwitchCheck out the new fighter (Misango), Stage and ARMS in the ARMS 4.0 game update! Learn more about the update here: ARMS is Available Now! #NintendoSwitch #ARMS Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! Visit for all the latest! Like Nintendo on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on…2017-11-16T01:00:00.000Z

New character Misango is just one of the new things coming to the 4.0 update for ARMS.

Misango is a Aztec-inspired character who is devoted to his homeland and his fellow Misangans, according to Nintendo. His special ability is charging up his mysterious entity so that it grants him special effects. Different colored entities grant different effects such as protection from flinching or increased speed.

The update also comes with three new weapons. Scorpio can scuttle along the ground before lashing out at the opponent when fired on the ground and slither through the air when launched from the air. Glusher appears to be a variant of Helix’s Blorb weapon which bounces on the ground and has a wide attack range. Skully looks like it will be the fastest weapon in the game but has slightly less damage than your average weapon. All three new weapons have the poison attribute and are equipped on Misango by default.

A new stage is coming as well, taking place on the grounds of a temple in Misango’s homeland. It’s a shell-shaped arena with four columns.

All of this is coming for free to all players when the update drops tomorrow. We’ll be sure to let you know how everything changes when it drops.

The last free DLC character to come to the game was Lola Pop back in September’s 3.0 update. She can inflate her body like a DeviantArt character for additional defense. She can with a special Nunchucks weapon as well as the Biffler which shoots three vertically aligned arms that block opponents’ views when charged and the Clapback which repels attacks when attacking.

Before her was Max Brass, one of the final bosses of the game who became a playable fighter in the 2.0 update in July. He came with his special ability of buffing up, moving faster, and not flinching against incoming punches when buffed up. He can also deflect punches with a charged dash and remain charged up when his HP gets down below a quarter. He also came with the Nade weapon which has no guidance system but is super powerful, the Roaster weapon which is similar to Spring Man’s Toaster but has no guidance and does more damage, and the Kablammer which hammers the ground and creates an explosion when charged.

The last update to come to the game was the 3.2 update on October 10. The update added a new badge feature where you receive badges for fulfilling certain conditions and wear them as a cosmetic item. They also added a “Recent Replays” feature where you can select from a list and view replays of past matches. Replay data is deleted when necessary starting with the oldest one and future ARMS updates will cause all replays from the previous version to be deleted, so be sure to share them on Twitter before that happens. They also fixed different issues with replay playback including switching out the ZR button for the X one when switching camera angles and making the – and + buttons bring up the menu instead of toggling the HP gauge display. They also fixed a number of other bugs and issues.

In order to update the game, all you need to do is connect the Nintendo Switch to the internet and launch the game from the Home menu. The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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