Pokemon Go: New Raid Boss List Appeared, Includes Gen 3

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Update – November 5: List updated to include max CP upon capture & Pokemon still appearing from before.

The Raid Boss list for Pokemon GO has appeared to change, according to multiple sources.

Reddit user xaryan on The Silph Road subreddit compiled a list of the new raid bosses. The changes appear to only effect tiers one through four and also include the recently introduced gen three Pokemon. Take a look for yourself below:

Tier 1:

  • Ivysaur [CP 5238 – 100% CP – 886]
  • Metapod [CP 1534 – 100% CP – 239]
  • Charmeleon [CP 5038 – 100% CP – 847]
  • Wartotle [CP 4503 – 100% CP – 756]


    Tier 2:

  • Tentacruel [CP 12190 – 100% CP – 1356]
  • Sandslash [CP 12312 – 100% CP – 1330]
  • Marowak [CP 9891 – 100% CP – 966]
  • Magneton [CP 14172 – 100% CP – 1278]
  • Sableye [CP 8266 – 100% CP – 745]
  • Cloyster [CP 15678 – 100% CP – 1414]


    Tier 3:

  • Scyther [CP 17358 – 100% CP – 1408]
  • Ninetales [CP 14914 – 100% CP – 1233]
  • Porygon [CP 11419 – 100% CP – 895]
  • Omastar [CP 18915 – 100% CP – 1534]
    Still appearing from before: Alakazam, Gengar, Machamp


    Tier 4:

  • Golem [CP 30572 – 100% CP – 1666]
  • Poliwrath [CP 24247 – 100% CP – 1395]
  • Victreebell [CP 23780 – 100% CP – 1296]
  • Nidoqueen [CP 24873 – 100% CP – 1336]
  • Nidoking [CP 23216 – 100% CP – 1363]
    Still appearing from before: Tyranitar, Lapras, Snorlax
  • According to user TheBarberOfFleetSt, the Raid Timers are now set to 45 minutes.

    It is not confirmed whether or not the raid list will replace the old one or if these are simply additions. Some Raid Boss Pokemon are still appearing from before, however.

    Both the threads on The Silph Road and official Pokemon Go subreddits as well as The Silph Road’s thread on Twitter have players providing proof that the Pokemon are indeed appearing in Raid Battles.

    Have you encountered any of the Pokemon listed above in Raid Battles? Let us know in the comment section below.

    In other news, Niantic recently added your installed app list to the game’s Privacy Policy, possibly in an effort to combat GPS spoofing apps.

    Also, a recent datamine of the 0.81.1 version of the game has the visual effects files for seven new moves: Doom Desire, Draco Meteor, Psycho Boost, Surf, Waterfall, Yawn, and Take Down. Doom Desire and Psycho Boost are especially notable because those are exclusive moves for Jirachi and Deoxys respectively in the main Pokemon games, indicating that the gen three Pokemon may be coming soon. Yawn was also a move introduced in gen three. Draco Meteor is also notable because it’s a move introduced in generation four (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum). So either new dragon-type Pokemon from gen three will get the move or it’s an indication that gen four Pokemon are coming in the near future. Also, Take Down is being changed from a charge move to a quick one. The update also resolved a bug that prevented players from powering up Pokemon to their max CP, a bug that caused players contributions to reset when rejoining a Raid Battle, and various other bug fixes and performance updates.

    20,000 players in Europe caught over 59 million Pokemon at the Pokemon Go Safari Zone events at Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers, according to a blog post by Niantic.

    In addition, Pokemon Korea, Inc. is hosting Pokemon Festa from November 4 through November 12, with more Pokemon appearing all across South Korea. Players in Seoul, South Korea will be able to battle Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia in Raid Battles in gyms across the city from November 10 through 12. Players at the Lotte World Mall will be able to catch Mr. Mime and Unown.

    The prefecture of Tottori in Japan will host their own Safari Zone event in the Tottori Sand Dunes from November 24 through 26, with players able to catch rare Pokemon.

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