PUBG Desert Map (Miramar): Top 5 Tips and Tricks

PUBG Miramar

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds newest map, Miramar, is a vast deserted populated by various cities and rocky mountains. Unlike the island, playing on this level will feel vastly different and will require users to adopt new strategies if they want to succeed. In addition to this, new weapons and vehicles have been thrown into the mix that are quite powerful when used properly. If you want a more basic introduction to PUBG then you can view our starter’s guide here. However, this guide will assume that you have a basic knowledge of the mechanics, how the game works and using the various weapons.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to claim victory on PUBG’s desert map.

1. Master the Terrain

Miramar is a vast and wide open map that consists of a lot of open ground or areas that lack proper cover. Moving through this hellish landscape is extremely dangerous, especially later on when people are better gear to handle long range engagements. Because of this, we recommend only moving across these open areas when it’s absolutely necessary. There a lot of hills and mountains on Miramar, so make sure to run in the valleys they create. While it might be tempting to run right up a mountain it will also make you an obvious target for players. There is limited cover and shade so a moving person sticks out against the tan backdrop.

Additionally, make sure to use buildings whenever possible to ensure that you have cover. Buildings are far more valuable and useful on Miramar. A lot of this comes from how frequently they appear, along with the strong cover that they provide players. These structures are also fantastic for people playing squads since there aren’t a ton of rock emplacements with solid cover for everyone.

2. Learn to Breach Buildings

PUBG Sawed Off

Something that wasn’t necessary on the island map was the ability to breach buildings effectively. Since most of the desert map is made up of rather large urban complexes, moving through these locations can be quite dangerous. Understanding how to clear rooms will be key to your survival, especially if you drop in areas like Los Leones, San Martin, Pecado, or El Azahar. When entering a building always make sure to check the windows to see if you can spot someone running around inside. Remember to try and keep sound to a minimum as a person upstairs can also hear you below.

When enter, always check your corners and secure each room before moving to the next floor. People have a bad habit of camping in bathrooms or small bedrooms if they hear others roaming around. Use your ability to see in third person to your advantage and peek above stairs or in rooms. Don’t aim down the iron sights, simply hold down the right mouse button so you aim in third person. This allows you to still engage but doesn’t limit your peripheral vision.

If you know that someone is in a room above you, go outside and look for a window to throw a grenade in. While it may not kill that user, it goes open up an opportunity to flush them out of hiding. For those playing in Squads, try to force them downstairs as staircases can be a complete death trap. If you don’t think you can take the building without casualties, then back up and quickly escape into another structure.

3. Get Better at Long Range Combat

PUBG Winchester

A lot of battles on the desert map will take place at medium to long range due to the open level design. Because of this, we recommend getting used to and practicing with weapons that perform better at a distance like the SKS or Kar98. Since you can easily identify enemies in the distance, snipers or good assault rifles can massacre groups of foes before they even reach cover. This will become extremely important during the second half of the map when the high ground is king and you will want to pick people attempting to escape the blue circle.

Remember to lead your targets and change the Zeroing distance with the Page Up and Page Down buttons. The new Winchester rifle is great for this map despite the lack of having any attachments. Give the vastness of Miramar, it’s possible for players to engage others routinely at 500-800 meters away from their position. Understanding the game’s bullet drop physics and how to compensate for this will be important. Try to always have a weapon on you that can be used at longer ranges since there is a high chance you’ll get in a fight with someone farther away. Scopes are a must so always try to have at least a 4x on your automatic or sniper rifles.

4. Land in the Right Locations


Understanding where to drop and which places have a better chance to offer good weapons to players is vital in PUBG. While loot is randomized, there are some areas that appear to have a better yield for higher-end weapons such as the Kar98. One of the most notable places is Hacienda del Patron which is the large manor to the right of San Martin. Other areas include the Prison on the southern island, Pecado, Los Leones, and Campo Militar. These areas are not guaranteed loot, but in our experience, they usually offer some good gear to use in combat. Additionally, users can find some decent items in more remote, unnamed locations but we suggest only going here in solo play.

5. Embrace the Pace

Miramar’s gameplay is typically punishingly slow and it’s important that you don’t fight that going. Thanks to the vastness of the level, camping and more methodical approaches are far more common. Hiding in buildings and being patient is critical if you want to survive. You can’t just run through a field and drop into cover like the first map, this level requires more planning. Think about your route before you take and when possible attempt to be stealthy. It’s a bit easier to get the jump on people since everyone is focused on sniping and not their surroundings.

When the circle begins to close up then you will either want to take the high ground or stick to the edges. Hiding in the middle will typically get you killed if the circle isn’t in one of the major cities. While you might be tempted to rush, this will typically end with you dying. Finally, if you are taking a vehicle try to ditch it behind cover or out of sight from a distance. Don’t just park it on a mountain for every player to see. Flying under the radar is one of the best ways to succeed in this level.