Monster Hunter World: Is G-Rank Coming?

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter veterans know the true grind in the game begins once you hit high rank and begin getting the bigger and better sets of armor along with fighting souped up monsters.

Veterans also know that another rank called G-Rank is going to represent the truest test of skill for hunters. This rank usually comes through the release of an additional game but that could have been because of the handheld format the previous games represented.

If Monster Hunter World is your first Monster Hunter title, then here’s the gist of how the different ranks work. The first rank is low rank and that’s what you start out in and basically learn the ropes of the game and how the monsters work. High rank buffs the monsters up and makes them do more damage, have more health, etc. G-Rank is high rank on steroids.

With the Xbox One and PS4, with PC on the way, Capcom now has platforms that allow you to easily install add-ons and expansions which means this time around G-Rank might not actually come in the form of a new game but instead will be DLC.

Now, the question remains of whether G-Rank is actually coming or not. While it’d be surprising if it doesn’t eventually come, nothing has been set in stone as of yet. Monster Hunter World producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yuya Tokuda recently spoke with Inside Games (via Siliconera) about the possibility of G-Rank.

Tsujimoto: (on G-rank) We still haven’t decided. For the time being, we’re thinking about updating the current system and adding monsters and such several times. First and foremost, we want to do proper updates and have players continue playing Monster Hunter: World itself before anything.”

Fujioka: “We’re thinking of ways to give more replay elements or a way to expand on the gameplay, so please look forward to something like that.”

This interview came before the game actually released so it’s possible things could have changed since then but as it stands this is the closest news we have in terms of G-Rank coming.

If Capcom sticks to their previous plans of releasing G-Rank as a new game altogether, then we are in all likelihood seeing a release of Monster Hunter World Ultimate or something like that in the future. If you were a betting man, you’d surely be banking on the eventual release of G-Rank, despite what Capcom says right now.

For the time being, hunters are just stuck with low rank and high rank monsters but don’t fret because the first free DLC is on the way and it’s the feared Deviljho.

Our best advice right now is to not worry about G-Rank and continue grinding for that high rank armor set you want. If G-Rank were to come out soon, then it would pretty much eliminate the need to grind for any sort of high rank armor and force players to jump straight to G-Rank which means they would be missing out on boatloads of content.

For more Monster Hunter World tips, news and features stay with us here at Heavy. Monster Hunter World is out now on Xbox One and PS4 with a PC release coming later in the year.