Orbital 1 PvP Mobile Game Available to Download Now

Orbital 1 promotional image

Orbital 1 is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Etermax, the studio behind Trivia Crack. It is a strategy game with a focus on “a rotating competition” and PvP gameplay. Orbital 1 is about speed, quick-thinking, and most of all, “precision and strategy.”

Orbital 1 🚀Let the action begin! Orbital 1 is a real-time strategy game set in interplanetary scenarios. 👉 Compete against players from all over the world in three-minute rounds of thrilling PvP real-time battles. 👉 Collect a multitude of epic Unit Cards 👉 Win reward couriers full of loot! 👉 Design your deck from endless combinations 👉 Join a club to meet and chat with players from all over the world! Are you ready to enter the stadium? iOS 👉 https://goo.gl/3okc5b Android 👉 https://goo.gl/LUs4EN – Do you have something to say? Drop us a line at orbital1-support@etermax.com2018-04-10T13:27:37Z

Players will be competing in three-minute rounds of real-time battles. Each team is comprised of that player’s unique captain and the battle will take place in a stadium. The idea is to destroy the other player before they destroy you, not unlike Clash Royale games.

After each battle, players collect Unit Cards to “supplement your crew and assemble an invincible treasure.” In other words, these cards can create combo attacks (like the Hell Bite and Bonecrushers) or more powerful allies (Mastodon). Each could be the key to winning the match almost instantly. The more you play, the more Coins you will earn as well, which can be used to upgrade your units and unlock more stadiums to battle in.

Players can, of course, costuming their own deck as well, in order to maximize strategy and favorable assets. Create the perfect defense or offense to defeat your enemies.

Again, much like Clash Royale, Orbital 1 provides clubs for players to join to share the spoils and win more. Once you’ve joined a club, you can also chat with other members, invite each other to Friendly Challenges, and increase your Club Ranking by earning more trophies.

CEO and founder of Etermax Maximo Cavazzani is thrilled to present Orbital 1 to mobile gamers today, stating that Orbital 1 is the perfect accumulation of the studio’s 9 years worth of experience making games. Cavazzani recognizes “the importance of generating innovative experiences and expanding” their game portfolio “to tie into the popularity of specific game types.”

Download Orbital 1 on iOS here.

Download Orbital 1 on Google Play here.

Does Orbital 1 sound like a game you’d like to play? Does it sound a little too much like Clash Royale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!