10 Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari – The Garden Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari

Featherweight Games Pty Limited

The rodeo antics of Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari continue to be a blast.

Ever since its release, mobile gamers have used their fingers to get close to all sorts of wildlife and wrangle ’em. A recent update has given fans an all new level to conquer – “The Garden.” This expansive locale features a bunch of new challenges to overcome. And more importantly, it gives your rodeo star a collection of huge insects to capture and ride to victory.

This new tips and tricks guide focuses on everything you need to do in order to get to The Garden and tame its wild bug population. Now that you’ve conquered the Savannah, Jungle, Mountains, Outback, Tundra, Jurassic, and Olympus areas, it’s time to head into a new territory.

Here are the top 10 Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for “The Garden” update:

1. Getting to The Garden

Rodeo Stampede Garden Zone: Catch all the InsectsOne of 2016's top rated games, Rodeo Stampede, is back with a new update: Insects! Crawl through the garden on the backs of these critters and watch out for those pesky Spiders!2018-03-15T09:07:53.000Z

• To unlock The Garden, and thus access all the adorable giant bugs, you’ll need to have progressed far enough. First, you need to reach the third area of The Outback. Second, you need to complete all of the tasks (i.e. catching enough critters and complete enough missions) for the Mt. Olympus map. After that, The Garden is yours!

2. Get to Know Your Bugs

• As with the other fauna in Rodeo Stampede, every insect behaves a bit differently. Some will keep going after they get mad, some will change their movement patterns, and some will straight-up eat you if you don’t get away fast enough.

3. Ants Are Surprisingly Tricky

• Ants are small and unassuming, but they’re a bit different from the regular default critter. They do still buck you off it they get mad, but whether you’re getting tossed or jumping off on your own the trajectory is a bit more vertical than usual.

4. Grasshoppers Never Stop Hopping

• As you might expect, grasshoppers like to hop. Their movement patterns are entirely arc-based. They start out with small jumps, but once they get mad they take much larger leaps. They can make it over some obstacles, so long as you don’t land on them, but steering them can be a challenge as you can’t change direction in midair.

5. Spiders Can Be Tamed, But They’re Dangerous

• If you find yourself being chased by a spider, it is possible to get behind it and jump onto its back. Once you do it behaves much like other rideable predators in that the longer you can keep feeding it (i.e. running up behind other creatures and eating them) the longer you’ll be able to stay on. Spiders can also run through webs without slowing down.

6. Pill Bugs Are Like Tiny Drag Racers

• Pill Bugs are slow to start when you first rope them, but once they get mad they’ll curl into a ball and start rolling – picking up more and more speed the longer they’re able to spin. This is great for covering distance quickly, however the faster they go the more difficult the are to steer. If you stay on a pill bug long enough, chances are you won’t be able to get them to swerve around obstacles before smashing into them.

7. Dragonflies Are Tougher to Catch Than Ride

• Once you manage to grab a dragonfly they behave much like other fliers – they glide along above everything until they get fed up with you, then they start swooping. Their swooping patterns are a little different in that they spend a bit more time going low than high. Actually catching a dragonfly is a bit trickier though, as they fly and suddenly stop in irregular patterns. You’ll have to react quickly to snag one while on the run.

8. Webs Aren’t an Instant Game Over

• Spiderwebs are a hazard, certainly, but hitting one won’t immediately end a run. Instead, if you pass through a web it will slow you down and call a spider, which will give chase and gobble you up if you can’t stay far enough ahead. Changing mounts won’t help, either, as the spider only cares about nomming on you (that stands for viciously eating, by the way). You’ll just have to be quick – or act fast enough to rope the spider itself.

9. Smash Through Coins to Collect Them

• It’s actually possible to collect the giant coins you see stuck in the ground in The Garden. You’ll need a large enough mount that you can break through obstacles (like a rhino or elephant), but with a tough enough steed you can crash into them and knock them free for some extra money.

10. Complete Missions to Upgrade Insect Habitats

Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari

Featherweight Games Pty Limited

• Unlike the Sky Zoo, enclosures in the Space Zoo can’t be upgraded by spending money. Instead, you’ll have to complete missions in order to upgrade everything bit by bit. Every three finished missions equals one upgrade, with new enclosures occasionally becoming available as you start to locate new insects to tame.

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