ZombsRoyale.io: How to Play the Best Browser Battle Royale Game



The Basics:

    • Drop into a map from a plane (PUBG, Fortnite)
    • Find loot of varying quality (PUBG, Fortnite)
    • Take out other players one-by-one (PUBG, Fortnite)
    • No building mechanics (PUBG)
    • You get more than two weapons (Fortnite)
    • Available to play in your browser here

Sound familiar? Well, when you think about it, the Battle Royale games genre is loaded with games that all have the basic formula. And, since .io games have exploded exponentially in popularity over the past year, you shouldn’t be surprised to find battle royale io games like ZombsRoyale.io available. For those unaware of what io games are, they’re basically super dumbed-down browser games — often based on popular console or PC games — that don’t require a beastly PC to run.

ZombsRoyale.io is the latest browser game to hit big in the .io market, with its basic take on the popular (and somehow still growing) Battle Royale genre. Now, with a name like ZombsRoyale you would think that it would be loaded with undead, which to my own personal disappointment, it, unfortunately, is not. Instead, you have 99 other real players, and it plays more closely to something like PUBG than H1Z1 or Fortnite.


How to play ZombsRoyale.io is incredibly easy, and there isn’t even any building mechanics of any sort to distract you. It’s just basic Battle Royale-goodness. You’re dropped into a surprisingly large map via an airplane just like in PUBG, with 12 seconds to land wherever you’d like. Once you land (and I’ll add that there isn’t any falling damage taken upon landing unlike in some of the other battle royale games), you’ll scramble to find guns and ammo of varying quality.

Here, ZombsRoyale io takes notes from the Fortnite style of weaponry, where each gun can be legendary, epic, mythic, uncommon, or common. There’s also armor boost potions scattered around like there are in Fortnite. The goal, obviously, is to find those higher-level guns (mythic and legendary) to gain an advantage over other players.

Luckily, these guns seem to be plentiful, and finding them on the map doesn’t take very long. In my first ZombsRoyale.io game, I found four of these types of guns in under the first five minutes. You’ll get these guns quicker if you land near one of the many golden chests scattered around the map, located in buildings of all different sorts. In these chests, you’re more likely to find better, higher-level loot.

zombs royale

Another aspect it takes from Fortnite is basic destruction; you can remove trees and bushes by hitting them repeatedly, giving you a clearer shot at your opponent.

In typical Battle Royale formula, you’ll be forced inward toward other players with noxious gas that forces players closer together. This keeps the game moving quickly.

But with this browser battle royale game, you don’t spend so much time running…and running…and running some more, which is not the case in bigger, more complex games. You’ll see some action frequently — that is, if you can stay alive long enough.

There are also some minor ZombsRoyale character customization options to play with, including different colored gloves (that you can get by sharing on different social media platforms), a Noobhammer that’s unlockable, and an alternate parachute skin that’s also unlockable.

You can play ZombsRoyale io right in your browser here, and yes, it will absolutely run on your potato laptop (again, one of its big appeals). Also worth noting that the game will soon be headed to iOS and Android, so we can expect to have a dedicated game on the Apple Store and Google Play relatively soon.

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