Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Release Date Set for September

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After nearly two years of waiting, we finally have a release date for Insomniac Games upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4. Revealed today, we can confirm that this title is set to release September 7, 2018, making it the first solo Spider-Man game since 2014. There’s a lot of pressure on Insomniac Games to deliver, but all of the footage and gameplay showed so far is incredibly promising. Outside of the LEGO games, Marvel has struggled to find its footing so it’s crucial that this title succeeds.

Outside of the release date, we also got our first look at the official box art and details about a collector’s edition for the game. The cover art for Marvel’s Spider-Man is gorgeous and feels reminiscent of the Superior Spider-Man costume.

Marvel's Spider-Man

For those looking to spend a bit more money, there will be both a Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Edition of the Marvel’s Spider-Man. While the standard game will retail for $59.99, the Digital Deluxe version will run you $79.99 and the Collector’s Edition a whopping $149.99. Here’s a quick break down of what you will get in these special variations:

Digital Deluxe


Outside of simply a copy of the game, the Digital Deluxe version will include 3 story chapters for the post-launch DLC, “The City That Never Sleeps.” These chapters will include new missions, costumes, and villains for you to defeat. Details are still scarce for what this DLC is about, but it’s nice to know that Insomniac Games will be supporting Spider-Man after launch.

Additionally, players will obtain three extra costumes and a special Spider-Drone gadget. While two of the pre-order skins are hidden, we do get a glimpse at the Punk Spider-Man outfit. Buyers also get 5 extra in-game Skill Points, a Spider-Man PS4 avatar, and a Spider-Man PS4 theme. Finally, purchasers will get a special Spider-Man pin that is physically mailed to you.

Collector’s Edition


The Collector’s Edition of Marvel’s Spider-Man will include all of the digital content available in the Digital Deluxe version. This means you’ll have access to three chapters of “The City Never Sleeps” DLC, the cosmetic additions, Spider-Drone, and the extra skill points. You’ll also get the special Spider-Man PS4 theme and avatar, however, the collectible pin is not included.

Along with all this, buyers will obtain a mini artbook, Spider-Man logo sticker, and a custom steelbook with the game itself. The centerpiece is a Marvel’s Spider-Man statue that has yet to be fully revealed. However, we do know that it will include Spider-Man crouched on top of something, but Insomniac Games haven’t revealed what it is yet. Because of this, we recommend waiting until the full statue is revealed before purchasing the Collector’s Edition.

It’s clear that Sony is going all in with this upcoming exclusive and we’re excited to see what else is down the road. This could be the shot in the arm that Marvel’s video games have needed. Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to release on September 7 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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