Beyond Good And Evil 2 Gameplay Details (E3 2018)

Unfortunately, we did not get to see a release date for Beyond Good and Evil 2, but we did get a few exciting gameplay details. Arguably Ubisoft’s most ambitious title, Beyond Good and Evil 2 builds on everything good about the previous title. Given the large gap between the games, it is every fan’s hope that the game’s unique features will be better welcomed in today’s gaming industry. A lot has changed since 2003; the inherent “weirdness” of Beyond Good and Evil has been normalized by inspired indie and AAA titles looking to invent new game mechanics.

Speaking of which, the details revealed are to do with the story and gameplay. The story is a prequel to the original game, where we meet a much younger Jade in her apparent days of dark villainy. She is legendary in the world of the game as a pirate hunter, determined to take down all who stand in her way in a cold and brutal fashion.

As the player, your crew consists of the members shown in the trailer: Page, Uma, the Chief Engineer, the Captain, and many more. Page is a familiar character from the last game, your friendly chef that cooks with only rum. Uma is the embodiment of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 world, a union of religion and technology. In a positive manner of course, as Uma is the ship’s medic and holistic healer.

The Captain has gone missing, so we don’t get to know much about her either. But you and the crew will be following her original mission: to get a mysterious artifact in the form of a portal. It’s beyond the third system though, so danger lurks around every corner – especially in the form of Jade.

The demo itself showcases the city of Ganesha as but a part of the seamless open world you will enter in Beyond Good and Evil 2. Ganesha is a thriving city near the end of the 24th century with everything a city should offer: beautiful gardens, bustling markets, and an underground filled with the seediest bars and people. Needless to say, the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is alive, exciting, and very immersive.

From one city or planet to the next, it is implied that there will be absolutely no loading screens. In fact, you can jump out of the mothership to your own ship, and then jump out of that into whatever you want with your jetpack.

Co-op was mentioned very briefly, but no details were given. It seems that we might be able to play in co-op mode as a part of the main game, not just an extra multiplayer mode.

In addition, to anyone who loves Beyond Good and Evil 2, the developers in collaboration with Hit Records are offering an open invitation to anyone who wants to collaborate and get their art in the game. It won’t just be submitting your art, you’ll be able to create with the developers and add your own ideas.

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