Jurassic World Alive Dinosaurs, Locations, and More

Jurassic World Alive Dinosaurs Locations

Jurassic World Alive is a clone of Pokémon Go, there is simply no getting around it. Turn your location on and dive into a neighborhood filled with dinosaurs and supply drops. Jurassic World Alive uses Google Maps to scope out your city and place supply drops at strategic places.

Unlike Pokémon Go, it is much easier to judge distance and discern exactly where supply drops and dinosaurs are. It makes planning your route much easier if you’re looking to hit all the sweet spots on a morning run or evening walk.

Dinosaurs are always crowded around these supply drops, they are rarely between these areas. This is an extremely wise tactic, as it will prevent players from paying more attention to the game than hazards around them.

Instead, you can just walk to a supply drop and never worry about dividing your attention between the game and a badly maintained sidewalk. Supply drops are never in the middle of a street, lake, or private property; they will be near such places, street corners, park paths, and public landmarks.

Much like Pokémon Go, Jurassic World Alive also features a variety of events hosted by specific companies. Walmart, for example, is currently promoting special supply drops at all participating store locations.

Not everything about Jurassic World Alive is a clone from Pokémon Go. There are some gameplay elements that are vastly different – though whether these are improvements or not is up to the player. For one, there’s no “chance” involved with “catching” dinosaurs. Instead, you collect as much DNA from each dinosaur as you can. If you become very skilled at it, you’ll always get around 50 points for each dinosaur you encounter.

For two, you can pay to collect from dinosaurs that are too far away. It’s a monthly subscription that may not be worth it to all players, but at least the option is there for players that might not be able to play as often as they like.

But if you are having any trouble figuring out the ins and outs of Jurassic World Alive, or just need a guide with a decent index, look no further than this guide to Jurassic World Alive Dinosaurs, Locations, and More.

Jurassic World Alive Dinosaurs

Jurassic World Alive Dinosaurs Locations

The most comprehensive list of dinosaurs is located over at Jurassic Park Wiki. They have a list of normal dinosaurs and the hybrids that can be found within the game. However, neither list includes their stats or locations. There is also the game’s wiki page, which has some useful stats, but not all of them.

Once a better list becomes available, this section will be updated accordingly. Until then, you can always tap on dinosaurs that you can’t reach and they will be added to your index. You can do this regardless of whether or not you can collect their DNA, another handy feature that is unlike Pokémon Go.

Jurassic World Alive Locations

The best locations are, of course, those with multiple supply drops. These are usually in popular areas. For example, there are a lot of parks in my city, so walking through just one park will get you 5 supply drops. For other cities, it could be a main road gets you about 10, shopping centers or any public landmark will get you at least 3 supply drops.

In addition, on your way to any of these locations will be plenty of supply drops. There doesn’t always have to be an important something for there to be a supply drop – sometimes it’s just a matter of distance, as there is always at least one supply drop every mile or so.

Jurassic World Alive Supply Drops

Jurassic World Alive Dinosaurs Locations

Supply drops in Jurassic World Alive are akin to Poké Stops in Pokémon Go. They are locations around the map of your local area where you can win coins, darts, and cash; coins are used to evolve your dinosaurs once you have collected enough DNA, darts are used to collect the DNA, and cash is used to buy special incubators, which provide even more of the same prizes and the DNA of certain dinosaurs.

The chances of winning certain amounts at supply drops are unknown, but if you are really short on darts you can watch an ad to renew the supply drop. You can only do this once per supply drop location. If you would like to know where supply drops are usually located, take a look at the section above.

Jurassic World Alive Events

Jurassic World Alive Dinosaurs Locations

The current special event started June 4th and features a specific dinosaur every day. For example, the other day was the Triceratops and today they are the Dilophosaurus. The featured dinosaur can range from common to legendary, but depending on the rarity of the dinosaur, you will have fewer attempts to collect DNA.

For common dinosaurs, you will have 12 attempts and they will respawn in an hour. For rare and epic dinosaurs, you only get three Drone attempts. Rare will respawn in 3 hours and epic dinosaurs will in 6 hours. In addition, the rarer the dinosaur, the longer they will take to respawn at the supply drop you collected from.

A new featured dinosaur will appear every day at 10am EDT, so be sure to collect as much DNA as you can during the day to level up that dinosaur. If you’re not sure which supply drops are a part of the special event, they are colored green instead of blue and always have the featured dinosaur next to them.

Furthermore, as of June 6th at 9am EDT, days will be 12 hours long instead of 24 hours. This ensures that you will always see a new dinosaur at the beginning of your day. There will be more updates in the future as the developers work with fans on positive changes.

The other event going on right now is the Walmart Supply Drop. As you might guess from the title, this event features special supply drops exclusive to participating Walmart locations. These supply drops will be yellow and the event will from June 6th to July 31st in US and Canada only.

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