30 Best New Android Games of 2018

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Unlike all other best Android games of 2018 lists out there, all 30 of these games will actually be coming out in 2018, not 2011 or 2017. As such, we offer you the 30 Best Android Games of 2018.

Some of these games are out already and we highly encourage you to add them to your phone and try them out. There is something for everyone here, from nostalgic platformers inspired by e’olden arcade games to the latest AR technology that lets you play the part of a spell-casting wizard or even a Ghostbuster.

Furthermore, all of these games are highly praised for their gameplay and concepts. Some might still be in beta and therefore have a few bugs that need fixing, but their fully realized versions will be coming out in 2018.

As such, here are the 30 best new Android games of 2018:


30 best android games of 2018

Tekken Mobile launched March 27, 2018, to a worldwide release. The only catch is that you need a high powered device to run it. Compatible devices are anything with a 2GB RAM, 4 core processor, and running Android Lollipop.

Tekken Mobile is very similar to the console version, making it one of the best fighter games on mobile for 2018. The game features over 20 characters, including Paul, Kazuya, Xiaoyu, Law, Panda, and Nina. You will be the Dojo Master, collecting as many fighters as possible, upgrading them, and unlocking special moves and story missions.

There are, of course, plenty of events going on daily, weekly, and monthly. Each new event brings new content in the form of a story, modes, items to win, and rare characters to unlock.

PUBG Mobile

30 best android games of 2018

This game is one of the best conversions of a PC game to mobile. It feels exactly like it did on the PC when it first started to get popular – only with next to no bugs. The journey from the starting arena to plane is always a bit glitchy, but we can assume that’s the servers assembling 100 people from all over the world to be in one place.

As usual, PUBG is fun. Whether you are desperately trying to find your team before you all get gunned down, or striking it out on your own and waiting patiently for the circle to close.

PUBG Mobile is by no means as a casual game on the platform – this is no match 3 game to pass the time on your way to work. The most thrilling experiences in PUBG is where you’re sitting around with some friends and all playing together.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

30 best android games of 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is another great conversion from console to mobile. You can play all ten chapters from the original game, though not with paying for it. You can purchase chapters two and three for $1.00 USD and all the rest are $3.99 USD.

If that doesn’t suit you, but you still want to play the whole game on mobile, you can pay for all the chapters at once for $19.99 USD. Depending on how much you value mobile games, it is up to you whether or not that $20 is worth it when you can pay for the game on console for more than twice that amount.

The art style choice for FFXV: Pocket Edition is a stroke of genius on Square Enix’s part. The art style not only keeps the game’s graphics suited to mobile but also makes everything feel especially charming.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

30 best android games of 2018

We were never supposed to like Pocket Camp as much as we did, but here we are. There are so many events going on in this game that makes it hard to put down once you finally have it loaded up. Pocket Camp is every collector and completionist’s dream, with absolutely no end game.

The only gameplay is the infinite amount of fetch quests that renew themselves every 2 and half hours. These fetch quests lead to gardening, crafting, and even the occasional fishing tourney. Pocket Camp may seem boring and simplistic, but there is a layer of personality under that makes it a fun waste of time.

If you’re thinking about getting into it, you might want to also check out our MEGA Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guide.

Hero Academy 2

30 best android games of 2018

Hero Academy 2 is the real-time strategy mobile game of the year so far with both PvP matches and single-player campaign. The latter is what really puts Hero Academy 2 a cut above the other RTS games on mobile.

The campaign mode features exploration of the Academy itself and plenty of missions to keep the player busy. That is to say nothing of the constant events that give players opportunities to win rare prizes and explore new content to help them climb those leaderboards.

With fully customizable decks, infinite cards to collect, and “meaningful” crafting for upgrades, Hero Academy 2 improves upon everything that made Hero Academy great.


30 best android games of 2018

Jagex announced quite the ambition for 2018. According to the developers, the entirety of RuneScape will be available in 2018 on all mobile devices. This won’t be a cute version, like Final Fantasy’s port to mobile, it will be the full game with “mobile-optimized interface.” If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, they will also be offering cross-play between mobile and desktop versions.

One does wonder if microtransactions will make an appearance for the mobile version. There are some in the original version, so microtransactions are a possibility. They certainly won’t be overpowering, as the backlash from fans the first time Jagex tried it did not go down well.

Marvel Strike Force

30 best android games of 2018

Marvel Strike Force is another real-time strategy game to hit mobile stores this year. This is one of the first games from 20th Century Fox’s game subsidiary, FoxNext. Marvel Strike Force may not be a perfect shining example that FoxNext might hope it is, but it a great starting point for the mobile market.

You’ll be able to assemble a squad from a selection of almost all Marvel heroes and villains including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Loki, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, Elektra, and so many more. Each hero has plenty of outfits to choose from, as well as upgrades to make them more powerful in each battle.

Battles are 5v5, so make sure you have the right people on your team to take your enemies down. The gameplay is not too complex either, combos requiring a single tap to unleash.

If you want to know more about the game, check out our Marvel Strike Force tips hub.

The Sims Mobile

30 best android games of 2018

Sims on mobile has been a poor excuse for the game for years, but come 2018, EA suddenly updated and remastered the game to something that actually resembles the PC and console versions. The customizable options are still limited, but they are much better choices than before. For example, you cannot choose your first Sim’s career, the game will decide for you.

Nonetheless, the interface is much easier to understand, especially for brand new players. It doesn’t seem nearly as daunting to just follow the tutorial and learn as you play with this new version of The Sims Mobile.

You may not be able to mod your way into your dream home the first time around, but EA has updated this game to make it far better and more fun to play than ever before. Now you can take Sims with you on the go and you don’t have to worry about bugs crashing your game.

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Once Upon a Tower

30 best android games of 2018

Platforming on mobile has given us the updated version of old-school arcade games, where the goal is to hit the high score and memorize levels and enemies. Once Upon A Tower is just that, the idea is to hammer your way down from the top of the tower, down to the bottom, wherever that may be.

As you play, you will receive upgrades in the form of different princesses with unique specialties. Loriel, for example, is the first alternate princess you will receive and she can swing a lot faster than Ada can. Eventually, you’ll be able to choose who suits you best and climb your way up the leaderboards.

So don’t bother waiting for your Prince Charming, Once Upon A Tower is about the princess saving herself with nothing more than a hammer.

Cytus II

30 best android games of 2018

Of course, it wouldn’t be an android game list without mentioning a game from Rayark. This year, the developers came out with the sequel to their critically acclaimed Cytus, Cytus II. The latter, just like the game before it, is a music rhythm game.

Unlike Guitar Hero, Cytus II’s music comes from a variety of genres, like classical, electronic, and rock. The music is from composers all around the world, including Japan, Korea, the US, Europe, and Taiwan. They provide a dynamic experience for players to truly understand the story being told through the music.

In the cyberpunk world of Cytus, a talented but extremely mysterious DJ is holding the ultimate concert. He’ll be revealing his appearance for the first time in his career and millions of people await his “descent from the skies.”

Cytus II, like so many games from Rayark, is both haunting and uplifting with its story and music. The music and levels rise and fall with the character and sometimes it can feel like you are really a part of the story, even when you make mistakes.

Shadowgun Legends

30 best android games of 2018

If you love Destiny, you’re going to love Shadowgun Legends. This game is an addition to the Shadowgun series developed by Madfinger Games, all of which are similar FPS mobile games set in a futuristic world. The developers state that the story campaign is thrilling, with over 200 missions on 4 planets, but the focus for Shadowgun Legends is multiplayer.

You can play co-op missions with up to three friends to defeat the more difficult bosses for better loot. You can join PvP team battles as well, with a number of game modes and arenas to choose from. All of which leads to more loot, of course, that you can use to customize your character’s armor, weapons, and a great number of small cosmetic elements to choose from.

The game’s hub, not unlike Destiny’s tower, allows players to interact with each other, visit vendors, accept missions, create battle squads, form guilds, and so much more. Shadowgun Legends is as addicting as it is fun to play.


30 best android games of 2018

Florence is not just any visual novel, you do not just tap your way into a conversation and enjoy the pleasure of timed reactions. Florence utilizes different gameplay to tell the story in a way most visual novels would never attempt.

For example, while attempting to have a conversation, you must do a puzzle, place all the right pieces in the right slots. It is the perfect literal interpretations of the metaphor “putting the pieces together,” as you build the conversation rather than choose pre-made options.

Florence is a simple love story, but it is the way Florence is told that gives this game the exceptionally high rating of 4.8. If you haven’t already, buy this game and see what it is all about. The price tag is not all that high either – this isn’t the $20 price tag for Final Fantasy.

My Tamagotchi Forever

30 best android games of 2018

If you loved Tamagotchi back in the day, this game is for you. Just like the old toy, this game lets you take care of a little creature, and more if you want to. Each little creature is a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. As you take care of them, you can change their looks, clothes, and any accessories they might have.

You will also be able to customize where they live, in Tamatown. In fact, this is where the main feature of the game lies, AR technology. Tamatown is right there in your living room and it’s up to you to collect hidden treasures and play hide and seek with your little creature friends.

My Tamagotchi Forever is also a great game for kids who don’t remember those tiny keychain days. Perfectly child-friendly and easy to play, this game is good entertainment for any long car ride or trip.

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Craft Warriors

30 best android games of 2018

If you’re looking something a little more relaxed and simple, with character customization that would make the Sims weep, Craft Warriors is for you. Craft Warriors is an RTS game with bright and colorful pixelated art.

It’s easy enough to get started, all you have to do is build your own fortress, create your own character, form squads from your clan and head out to attack enemies fortresses. Each battle will get you new weapons and upgrades to tackle the next town or fortify your own.

This game is cute, fun, and you change the appearance of your character whenever you want to. In fact, you can get right down to the pixel, editing the shape and color of your character and armor.

The Room: Old Sins

30 best android games of 2018

The Room: Old Sins comes to Android April 19, 2018, and like the games before it, is steeped in gothic horror and puzzles. If you recall 7th Guest, these games are exactly like that. The puzzles can be quite difficult, but they are very cleverly designed and worth the time and brain power to figure out.

Unlike the point-and-click controls of old, the developers of The Room series has introduced what the developers call “intuitive touch controls.” This means that when you’re opening drawers or moving parts of a puzzle, you have to physically drag your finger in the right direction until it opens properly.

Some might complain that such controls make for inaccurate puzzling, where you might be getting the solution right but not using the touch controls right. However, Fireproof Games has long put such fears to rest, improving upon each game in the series until there is nothing to worry about – save perhaps whatever haunts the house you’re in.

Dr. Panda Restaurant 3

30 best android games of 2018

The Dr. Panda series has been a staple of the mobile market for quite some time and the Restaurant series is no different. This cute little game has you cooking for a variety of cute little animals in one of the most innovative gameplay mechanics since Fruit Ninja. The controls are dynamic and intuitive. Cooking noodles, for example, requires you to pour noodles into a pot of boiling water with circular motions.

This may be another kid-friendly game, but it is a lot more fun than you might think. If you enjoy cooking games in general, then Dr. Panda Restaurant 3 should make it to the top of your Google Play download list.

Fortnite Battle Royale

30 best android games of 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale is on iOS right now and though Epic Games hasn’t given us a release date for Android yet, the developer does promise that the support is mere months away. We can count on Fortnite coming to mobile sometime this year, at least. When it does finally come, Epic Games assures fans that it will be the same game with the same content and regular updates.

There are some concerns about the controls, as Epic Games will have to add the complexity of building to FPS touch controls. Thus far on the iOS, this has not been going well. However, as this game is very much in the early testing stages, and it only fair to keep in mind that Fortnite is not going to be perfect right away. Given enough time, Fortnite will be just as good, if not better than its PUBG counterpart.

Mars: Mars

30 best android games of 2018

Mars: Mars is another game from Pomelo, the same developers who created Once Upon A Tower. Mars: Mars upholds a similar art style, with beautiful backgrounds on each level. You begin on mars, of course, with the many rocky canyons and dim sunsets. Later on, you will be submerged, watching enormous blue whales drift by. Take a look for yourself, Mars: Mars is breathtaking.

The gameplay is simple, jump from one platform to the next. You have the help of your jetpack, but that just makes it easy to overshoot the jump. Take care and the further you go, the more characters and levels you will unlock. Oh, and don’t forget to take a few selfies, those views are worth it after all.

Ghostbusters World

30 best android games of 2018

Ghostbusters World is trying very hard to ride the coattails of Pokémon Go’s success, but that’s okay. Niantic themselves is coming out with Wizards Unite this year too, so we’re really going to see how these AR-based games work with a concept other than Pokémon.

Granted, the concepts do seem very similar. In Ghostbusters World, you are finding specific ghosts out there in the real world, much like you would Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

However, there will likely be some unique elements that make Ghostbusters World different from Pokémon Go. Sony probably won’t be making a half-hearted attempt with this IP, especially due to the recent success of the movie reboot. Or Sony’s last attempt at a Ghostbusters game, the very poorly rated Ghostbusters VR.

Animus – Stand Alone

30 best android games of 2018

Though this game definitely needs a big update to fix bugs, the rest of the game is a beautiful rendition of a Souls-like game on mobile. There are some great monster designs here and a huge variety of armor sets and weapons. The graphics are quite good for mobile as well and don’t seem to stutter when there’s a lot going on in a fight.

The only problem is the combat controls desperately need to be fixed, which is tantamount to a game like Animus – Stand Alone. It’s been less than the month, so hopefully, the developers will hear their fans and send out an update soon. Once this game is fixed, it will be one of the best Souls-like game on mobile for 2018.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

30 best android games of 2018

The Harry Potter RPG we’ve all been waiting for will finally arrive this year! Harry Potter games haven’t exactly had a sparkling past, with the best being the LEGO series because it’s always the LEGO version. Hopefully, Hogwarts Mystery will break that mold and really remind fans what they loved so much about the series.

Hogwarts Mystery follows the plot of Bill Weasley’s 4th year at Hogwarts, as he searches for the Cursed Vaults and decides to break into them. This, of course, begins his career as a Curse Breaker once he finishes at Hogwarts. The player will play the part of Jacob’s sibling, who will not meet Weasley until their second year.

Life Is Strange Mobile

30 best android games of 2018

Life Is Strange came out to the iOS first, of course, back in December 2017, but the developers did promise that we would be getting an Android version in 2018. The mobile version will have the first season available for free, with the rest of the episodes priced at $0.99 USD and Season Pass at $8.99 USD.

Some exclusive content to Life Is Strange on mobile are Life is Strange iMessage Stickers, a Photo Mode (complete with filters and sharing features), “enhanced” touch controls, and the ability to “share and compare your story choices” on social media. We can expect the same amazing game on mobile as it is on console, but this time you can take Life Is Strange on the go.


30 best android games of 2018

Maggus has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but you will be waving wands, brewing potions, and dueling with other players and creatures. Described as an MMORPG, Maggus focuses on exploration, ranked PvP duels, character customization, monster battles, and spell decks. All with the added layer of AR.

Maggus is currently in beta, with quite a few updates and features planned to expand the game until its release sometime this year. The game started out as an Indigogo campaign, an idea within the Mawa studio to bring a magical fantasy game to AR. If you would like to try the game out while it is still in beta, Maggus is currently free-to-play on Google Play.


30 best android games of 2018

The first thing you need to know about the Westworld mobile game is that it is a simulation game, any robots you create will not rebel against you after awhile. There is no underlying plot, you are simply playing in the world of the Westworld TV series as an intern.

That said, the Westworld mobile game is still a lot of fun. It is still in beta at the moment, but it feels a lot like Fallout Vault. Your clients come in, they desire certain elements, and you provide the robots and locations for them. Easy, right? Eventually, you have the entire Westworld at your disposal, unlocking key characters as you play.

Westworld is already one of the best new Android games on Google Play.

Hyper Sentinel

30 best android games of 2018

Hyper Sentinel is game currently being developed by one man, Jonathan Port, and published by Huey Games. The game is expected come out early 2018 and frankly, this is something Space Invaders fans are going to love. Inspired by wish pick up and play arcade games, Hyper Sentinel is a side-scrolling space shooter.

Though the art is in full color 6 bit, Hyper Sentinel boasts 60fps at all times and you will certainly be needing it. This is a fast-paced game that will test your abilities as far as they will do with unique levels and epic bosses. If you’re interested, this game will be coming out on all platforms, not just Android, and you can pre-register here.

Super Meat Boy Forever

30 best android games of 2018

Though there is currently a knock-off version on mobile from Russian developers, Super Meat Boy Forever will officially be coming to mobile this year. If you looked at Run Sausage Run and thought it was too easy, I encourage you to keep a watchful eye for Super Meat Forever on Android.

As one of the best platformers of our age, having this game on the go is going to make it even more accessible to folks who may have found the console versions to have unfriendly controls or simply too expensive. Whatever the case, Super Meat Boy Forever on mobile is a great way to challenge your platforming skills and play those levels whatever you want to.

The Wolf Among Us Season 2

30 best android games of 2018

Ah, it is about time we see the continuation of this series. The Wolf Among Us Season 2 is coming out sometime in 2018 for all devices and consoles.

The first season of The Wolf Among Us was what put Telltale on the map for a lot of gamers, revolutionizing visual novels to something with dynamic gameplay and decisions that mattered in almost every conversation.

If any fans are worried that Season 1 was wrapped to well in a nice bow of conclusions, have no fear. The Wolf Among Us is based on a comic book series called Fables, written by Bill Willingham, and it is a very long-running series (150 issues to be exact). There are plenty of new characters and plot lines to choose from, and as such Telltale could make this series go on for as long as they pleased.

Jurassic World Alive

30 best android games of 2018

Jurassic World Alive is yet another AR game that will be coming in Spring 2018, this time from Ludia, the makers of Jurassic World: The Game. In Jurassic World Alive, you’ll be searching the real world for dinosaurs, with your phone of course.

Once you find one, you’ll need to deploy a drone to collect DNA samples. Any you dinosaurs you manage to catch, you can level up. Once they are strong enough, you can introduce your dinosaurs to PvP battles.

The latter makes gives Alive a quality Pokémon Go never had, making it a great deal more attractive to those who might want to share more than just a Raid with a friend. If you are interested, you can pre-register at the game’s website and receive and in-game incubator at launch.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

30 best android games of 2018

Wizard’s Unite is the next game from Niantic, the developers of Pokémon Go. The game will work off a similar gameplay concept to Pokémon Go, AR technology. Wizard’s Unite is about teaming up with friends to take down magical creatures, like a troll, and learning spells.

It is not clear how duals work between players, as the trailer implies that you can happen upon other players and challenge them. The logistics of this require a breach of privacy that not everyone will be comfortable with, but we shall see how Niantic handles it.

Perhaps such duals will occur like Raids in Pokemon Go, with set locations rather than sharing other people’s locations. However Niantic manages it, it’s sure to be a really fun game, it is Harry Potter after all.

ARK: Survival Evolved

30 best android games of 2018

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game where you will be capturing and taming dinosaurs (the game boasts over 80 different dinosaurs), forming tribes, and building fortresses with the resources you scavenge from the open world around you.

Just like the PC and console version, Ark: Survival Evolved challenges you to use your skills in strategy and tactics to gain the upper hand in the Jurassic world you live in. Ark offers multiplayer features, where you can team up with other players to take down dinosaurs or raid the nearest rival tribe base. When you do, you will share all the loot from your missions, like experience points, resources, and re-spawn points.

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