NBA Live 19: Release Date, Early Access & More

NBA Live 19 Release Date & Early Access

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NBA Live is back and it has come a long way in the past several years. It wasn’t that long ago that NBA Live was basically forgotten about but now it has grown to become a true competitor to the NBA 2K franchise.

The NBA Live franchise has always been more of an arcadey feeling series but that hasn’t stopped it from being fun. NBA 2K has transformed itself into the marquee basketball simulator on the market but NBA Live has been gaining fans lately.

NBA Live 19 introduces a host of new content and features including the ability to create a female playable character. A demo is now available for the game on PS4 and Xbox One which means launch day is getting close.

Here’s what we know about NBA Live 19’s release date and early access.

NBA Live 19 Release Date

NBA Live 19 releases September 7 on PS4 and Xbox One. Unlike FIFA 19, another EA Sports game, NBA Live 19 will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The Live series appears like it wants to get a footing on the PS4 and Xbox One before it takes chances with other platforms.

Madden NFL 19 came to the PC for the first time in quite some time so we do see EA is open to moving their franchises to non-traditional platforms. The game probably won’t sell all that well on PC but it’s nice to see the support.

NBA Live 19 Early Access

Through EA Access players will be able to get a free trial to NBA Live 19. This has been the case with other EA games on Xbox One thanks to the partnership.

Players will be given a 10-hour trial beginning September 3 that will available to all subscribers to the service, regardless of whether they buy NBA Live 19 or not. The game will be available at a 10 percent discount to subscribers of the service.

If you’re on PS4 the only option you have is to play the demo or wait until the release. EA Access is not currently available on PS4 and it doesn’t look like it’ll be there any time soon.

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