How to Beat Ascendant Challenge 3 in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge 3

Another week of challenges have officially arrived in Destiny 2, so it’s once again time to enter the Ascendant Realm. This week’s Ascendant Challenge will not only test your skills in a firefight but your ability to traverse the terrain. That’s right, it’s a platforming challenge!

You can find the portal to the realm in the Spire of Keres by the cliffs you traversed to first get to the Dreaming City. The goal of this challenge is to ascend a large tower of flying debris and platforms until you reach the top. Waiting for you will be a Taken Phalanx boss that’s nearly identical to the one found in the Lake of Shadows strike.

The catch is, the path up will have snipers waiting to pick you off along with some nasty traps. These come in the form of Taken Orbs that explode and deal heavy damage or Taken bombs that will try to push you in a certain direction. Climbing up this tower can be quite annoying for anyone who is bad at platforming in Destiny 2.

However, the orbs and pushers never appear to spawn at the same time. This means you can keep resetting the Ascendant Challenge until you get the pushers. Since the exploding orbs continuously spawn, they can be an absolute nightmare to deal with when you’re climbing up the tower. Unless you are very fast we strongly recommend resetting the challenge until you get the one with the pushers.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Challenge 3

When climbing remember to always kill the snipers that spawn otherwise they will probably kill you. The biggest piece of advice we can offer is just take your time. Rushing through this will usually end in disaster since the platforms rotate and the pushers are not synched to explode all at once. Keep climbing until you reach a large room with a giant hole in the middle.

This is the boss chamber and it will be filled with Shadow Thrall, so quickly hop up and take care of them. When the boss spawns in, pop your Super and try to do as much damage as physically possible. After your Super runs out, hop back onto the lower platform. This foe likes to both bop and suppresses you at the same time so you’ll fall into the hole and die.

Keep along the outer ring of the boss arena and make sure your back is to a pillar at all times. This is a pretty easy fight as long as you don’t let him bop you back down the tower. If this does happen, don’t panic. There are plenty of opportunities to recover and climb back up. The boss’ health won’t regenerate, so take your time climbing.

With a bit of luck and some patience, this foe will fall in no time.