How to Get the Thunderlord Exotic In Destiny 2 (Confirmed)

Destiny 2 Thunderlord

The final step for the Master Ives’ murder quest has gone live and it’s going to hit you with a lot of nostalgia. When you load up Destiny 2, you’ll be asked to return to Amanda Holliday who will give you the new mission on the EDZ. To start this quest just go to the marked inside the Whispered Falls quest. You do not need to kill the boss or any of the enemies to actually start the quest.

This quest is really nostalgic for anyone who played the original so we have a spoiler below for the detailed walkthrough. For those who want to go in blind, just know that at the end of the quest we have confirmed you will get the Thunderlord Exotic!

Spoilers Below

When you finally load into the mission you’ll be back at the very beginning of the original Destiny. Your task is to infiltrate the Cosmodrome wall, kill the Fallen, and then escape. Make your way towards the entrance in the wall and slay any Fallen that hang around.

Once you make your way inside, continue along the path and slay any foes that you come across. They are fairly easy, so this should be too difficult. Continue on your path until you reach the large room with the drain pipe at the end.

After the boss spawns, lay into him with everything you got. This battle is all about speed because the Captain will continuously spawn enemies for you to deal with. It’s very easy to get swarmed during this fight, so focus on damaging the Captain as much as possible. After he hits about 50% health a large Servitor will spawn that shields the Captain. Kill this Servitor as quickly as possible and then finish off the Captain.

For this fight, we recommend that you run a shotgun since most of your fighting will be at point-blank range.  Enemies will swarm you if you stand still and the boss does roam so he’ll eventually close the gap. Focus only on killing ads when you absolutely have to. After the boss falls, exit the room and head back towards the teleporter. This is the last time we will visit the Cosmodrome, so feel free to explore. Once you arrive at the teleporter the timer will start and you’ll be asked to return to Holliday.

After speaking with Amanda at The Tower, bring the engram that she gives you to the Cryptarch. This will always decode into the Thunderlord, giving you the first ever LMG in Destiny 2. Congratulations Guardian, you’ve earned it!

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