How to Earn the Wayfarer Title in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Wayfarer Title

One new mechanics introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken is Titles. Placed just below your Guardian’s name, these titles are meant to tell everyone that you have completed a lot of Triumphs. While there are ones for Crucible, Gambit, and even the Dreaming City, the Wayfarer title has you finishing quests and collecting items all across the solar system.

Here’s how to unlock the Wayfarer title in Destiny 2:

1. Kill WANTED Enemies in Lost Sectors

Destiny 2 Heroic Cryo Pod

When embarking on this quest we recommend you start by knocking out all the WANTED enemies. These are special bosses that were introduced with the Forsaken DLC and now reside in Lost Sectors at every destination. You don’t need to kill every WANTED enemy, only the ones listed in the Destinations Seal at the bottom right of the Triumphs page.

Here is a list of every WANTED boss and what planet they are on:


  • Ruined Mind
  • Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing
  • Qeldron, Keeper


  • Downpour Captain
  • Kurg, the All-Seeing Force
  • Zerz, the Unstoppable Weight
  • Dust-Choked Thrag
  • Phyzann, Drowned Captain
  • Devourer Darg
  • Fortifier Yann
  • Varghul, Fragment of Oryx
  • Calzar, Scarred Captain
  • Drained Captain
  • Metal Captain
  • Sunless Captain
  • Mazan, Lost Captain


  • Karugul
  • Thaan’Hul
  • Golmut


  • Tattered Dusk Captain
  • Shayotet Partisan
  • Thyrdron
  • Nariks Reborn
  • Pakrion


  • Subterranean Mind


  • Keresh, Champion of Xol
  • Valus Dulurc

There are 27 bosses you will need to vanquish. This is actually pretty easy since these bosses aren’t that strong, so you should be able to blow through them without any resistance. However, this will take a good amount of time, so only go for this if you really want this title. The Wayfayer is a very time-consuming title to earn.

2. Finish Tangled Shore and Dreaming City Lost Sectors

The next step for this title is to finish the Lost Sectors in the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City. All of these are really simple with the exception of the Dreaming City ones which we recommend you try completing around 550-560 Light. There are 7 Lost Sectors in all, but you should already have these completed by just playing the game.

3. Complete a lot of Heroic Adventures

Destiny 2 Forsaken Prison Break Preview

Here comes our first real time-consuming part of this title. In order to finish this step you’ll need to complete five Heroic Adventures on Io, the EDZ, Titan, Nessus, Mars, and Mercury. The catch is, these Heroic Adventures are only available when the Flashpoint is on that planet.

Meaning if you need to finish 2 Heroic Adventures on Titan, you will have to wait until the Flashpoint goes to this moon in order to complete this step. There is only one Flashpoint a week and it’s constantly on rotation. You will need to check every week to see what the Flashpoint is if you’re just starting. This will take a lot of time, but thankfully, it’s not locked to a single character. Meaning you can use all three of your Guardians to rack up three Heroic Adventures at a time.

If the Flashpoint is at the Tangled Shore then you will be unable to make any progress towards your adventures that week.

4. Complete Destination Red War

Destiny 2


Now the grind is going to set in. To finish Destination Red War you will need to earn every armor piece that’s tied to Io, Nessus, the EDZ, and Titan. Each vendor sells a set of armor and you will need to acquire a full set for every destination. This is a total of 25 pieces of armor, all of which can either be earned by opening planetary engrams, rewarded for completing activities on that planet, or by directly purchasing them.

We suggest the latter as long as your Vendor ranking is above 10. You can directly purchase each piece of armor from the vendor for a rather high cost. Make sure you have spare materials and Legendary Shards if you decide to go this route.

Here is each armor set you need to earn:

  • Wildwood Set – EDZ
  • Lost Pacific Set – Titan
  • Exodus Dawn Set – Nessus
  • Gensym Knight Set – Io

You only need a full set of each on one character, so make sure to use your main Guardian. If you aren’t sure what you need, just use the Collection to see what’s missing. The armor pieces can be found under the Open World subtab on the first page.

5. Complete Destination Curse of Osiris and Warmind

Destiny 2 The Eye in the Dark Bounty

Still with me? This is the hardest step in obtaining the whole title. For this part, you will need to obtain a ton of weapons, multiple armor sets, a Nightfall weapon, a Ghost shell, and two Exotics. There are a lot of items you will need to get if you want to finish this step so be prepared to spend a lot of time grinding.

Here’s everything you need for this step:


  • Every Lost Prophecy (Forge) Weapon
  • Perfect Paradox – Shotgun
  • Sagira’s Shell
  • Kairos Function Armor Set


  • Braytech Researcher Armor Set
  • Escalation Protocol Armor Set
  • Escalation Protocol Weapons (Shotgun, SMG, Sniper)
  • Polaris Lance Exotic
  • Sleeper Simulant Exotic
  • Braytech Weapons (Winter Wolf, 18 Kelvins, Frigid Jackel, Niflheim Frost)
  • Braytech Osprey Rocket Launcher – (Strange Terrain Nightfall Weapon)

Most of these weapons and armor pieces are tied to specific quests so they will be pretty easy to obtain. However, all of the Braytech and Escalation Protocol weapons are completely random. While the latter recently had a “bad luck” mechanic introduced for players who never get that specific weapon, the Braytech guns are completely random.

These are only earned by unlocking Override Frequencies across Mars. This step can take you three hours or a hundred. Once you get a Braytech blueprint, head back to Ana to convert it into one of the weapons. You can only hold one Override Frequency at a time, so this step will be the majority of work. Be prepared to hate everything on Mars by the time you finish this quest up.

The Osprey Rocket Launcher will be another pretty lengthy grind since it’s entirely RNG. While there is some bad luck protection, we recommend getting over 100k points before the grind begins. Then just remove all the handicaps and put on Heavyweight and your singe of choice. Given Nokris is multiple phases, if you cannot kill him right away then the boss battle will drag on.

6. Complete Destination Forsaken

Destiny 2 Herald of the Plague

The final part of this title is – you guessed it – rinding for more weapons and armor pieces. For this part, you’ll need to obtain two full sets of armor, two emblems, and 13 weapons. This section is combining both the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City.

Just like the previous steps, this only needs to be done on one character so don’t worry about grinding this out on your secondary Guardians.

Here is a list of everything you need for Destination Forsaken:

Tangled Shore

  • Scatterhorn Armor Set
  • Ether Doctor – Auto Rifle
  • Wrong Side of Right – Scout Rifle
  • Dust Rock Blues – Shotgun
  • Trackless Wastes – SMG
  • Thin Line – Hand Cannon
  • Right Side of Wrong – Pulse Rifle
  • Eye for an Eye – Emblem

Dreaming City

  • Reverie Dawn Armor Set
  • Tigerspite – Auto Rifle
  • Vouchsafe – Scout Rifle
  • Retold Tale – Shotgun
  • Abide the Return – Sword
  • Waking Vigil – Hand Cannon
  • Twilight Oath – Sniper Rifle
  • Secret Victories – Emblem

The Tangled Shore gear is easy enough to obtain, but the Dreaming City items can only be unlocked at this location. We recommend doing every bounty offered each week, participating in the Blind Well, and turning in Small Gifts to the cat statues.

Additionally, if you have unlocked the Wish Ender than start popping Taken Eggs around the city. Not only will this eventually reward you with a badass Sparrow, but each egg gives you a free piece of Dreaming City gear!

After you finish this step then you can turn in all your Triumphs and unlock the Wayfarer seal. Now go take a break at The Tower, you’ve earned the rest!

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