Diablo 3 Season 16 Start Date

Diablo 3 Season 16 Start Time


Diablo 3 is a game that has grown increasing long-in-the-tooth over the years but one thing players are able to rely on, at least for a little bit, is the start of a new season.

With the recent news of Season 15 being extended into January, we have learned the official start time of Season 16.

Players can look forward to the start of Season 16 on January 18.

In order to ensure a smooth transition between Seasons, and give players extra time to enjoy the Double Bounty Cache buff, we will be ending Season 15 on January 6. With this, Season 16 is scheduled to begin on January 18.

As a quick heads-up, we will also be resetting the current Era leaderboards on January 11, so you’ve still got some time to push for that final leaderboard placement before the rollover occurs!

Players have pretty much an extra month for Season 15 now so you can push through more Greater Rifts if you’re interested in doing so.

The current season gives players double Bounty caches while a previous one gave double Treasure Goblins. Season 16 will mix things up a bit so we have that to look forward to.

Season 16 is known as the Season of Grandeur. Here’s what that means according to Blizzard:

Season 16: Season of Grandeur

  • The buff for Season of Grandeur has been implemented
    • This buff gives all Seasonal players the legendary power from Ring of Royal Grandeur
    • This buff does not stack with additional Ring of Royal Grandeur (either equipped or in Kanai’s Cube)
    • Unlike previous Seasonal buffs, this buff will not apply to Non-Seasonal players
  • When completing a Greater Rift level 70 solo for the first time in a Season, a Primal Legendary is guaranteed to drop from the Rift Guardian

The seasonal buffs seem like one of the ways Blizzard is mixing the game up and making it feel less stale. For veterans, it might not be enough to keep them around but for new players, such as ones that might have come into the game with the Nintendo Switch, you’ll find a lot to like about this method.

Diablo 3 is out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Update: This article previously said the new season starts January 11. The new start date is January 18 and the article has been corrected.

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