Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes C-3PO Character Requirements

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes C-3PO Character Requirements


After some teasing, it appears the stage is set to finally introduce C-3PO into Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

C-3PO has officially been confirmed as the next legendary event coming to the game and it appears the early speculation was correct and you will indeed need Ewoks to unlock him.

Hi Holotable Heroes,

You may have guessed who the next Legendary Character is from last Friday’s Crumb’s Clues, but the question is, “Who will be required to unlock him!?!” This protocol droid may seem unassuming and prone to worry, but this extraordinary robot played an integral part helping the Republic during the Clone Wars and later assisted the Rebellion in their struggle against the Empire. During his time with the Rebellion, he made some interesting friends on the forest planet of Endor.

Prepare your veteran Ewok squad and earn this loveable golden god! This event will be difficult, so make sure to be well equipped!

This event will feel similar to the Chewbacca event which required highly geared Bounty Hunters so don’t expect this to be an easy unlock even if you have 7-star Ewoks.

Here’s the list of Ewoks and where to find them in the game:

  • Teebo – Galactic War Shipments
  • Ewok Elder – Light Side (Hard) 2-C, Guild Shipments
  • Paploo – Cantina Battles 3-D
  • Chief Chirpa – Cantina Battles 5-D
  • Wicket – Dark Side (Hard) 8-A
  • Ewok Scout – Light Side (Hard) 1-A
  • Logray – Guild Shipments

Ewoks have been available as a free-to-play farm for quite some time now so many players have Ewoks unlocked and geared which is why this will have to be a hard event. It seems extremely likely C-3PO will be needed for the inevitable release of Return of the Jedi Luke so this will be a character you want to grab when you can.

There’s a pretty hefty guide helping players gear up their Ewoks so you can take a look at that if you’re dropping everything else and going after the Ewoks right away.

It sounds like you’ll be able to use any combination of Ewoks to unlock C-3PO so you don’t have to worry about unlocking the named ones but that doesn’t mean they won’t be the best ones to choose for the event.

Logray is currently available only in Guild Shipments and he’ll more than likely play an important role in the battle so you’ll want to make sure you eventually focus on him.

Outside of unlocking C-3PO, Ewoks are actually a pretty viable faction to use in Territory War. They are usually a team players take lightly or don’t expect so you can pick up some key victories that way.