How to Unlock King Dedede in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Unlock King Dedede

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has officially released and players are already clamoring to unlock every fighter in the game. One such combatant is Kirby’s rival King Dedede who can be obtained through a variety of different ways.

The first and most consistent method for getting King Dedede is by playing the Classic Mode. Just like other heroes, you will have to fight through a specific character’s unlock bracket to eventually get a chance to fight King Dedede. This fighter is tied to Donkey Kong, meaning you have to obtain Bowser, Pokemon Trainer, and Rosalina to make King Dedede appear.

However, if you lose to Rosalina and then immediately try again, King Dedede will appear instead of her. This is because you have to wait an unknown amount of time after losing to a fighter, causing the next one in line to appear instead.

Refer to the bracket below for the order fighters appear in Donkey Kong’s Classic Mode bracket:

Bowser Pokemon Trainer Rosalina
King Dedede Sheik Greninja

Another way to unlock King Dedede is by playing the World of Light mode. As you progress through the campaign eventually you find Dedede in the Gourmet Race Zone which is north of the Raging Volcano. If you beat King Dedede here he will be unlocked and added to your roster.

Finally, King Dedede can just be unlocked by completing different matches in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He is the 30th character to appear after you finish a game, however, this number will differ depending on how many characters you’ve already unlocked.  After you defeat this foe in a 1 vs 1 match, he will be instantly locked and added to your roster.

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