World of Light Obstacles & How to Get Past Them

world of light obstacles

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s World of Light mode is littered with obstacles on the map. These obstacles can be annoying progress blockers. Luckily, by simply having the correct Spirit with you in your inventory, you can bypass most of them. However, some obstacles simply require that you press the right button on the map.

Here are the obstacles found in World of Light and how to get past them. The article will continue to be updated as we discover more obstacles.

Note: There will be a few light spoilers ahead.

How to Fix the Bridges

A number of broken bridges are dotted around the map. You need to fix them so you can cross.

To fix the bridges, you need the Bord & Cord & Barst Spirit. This Spirit can be found in the forest area north of the starting point (past were you fight and unlock Sheik).

You can also fix the bridges with the Cyrus & Reese Spirit found in the misty, purple forest next to the city. You can also reach the forest from the jungle area by going up the mineshaft guarded by the Rayman Spirit.

How to Cross the Lake in a Boat

West of the starting point (past the area where you fight Marth) is an area with mushrooms. From there, you can reach a lake with a boat. You’ll need a boat pilot to get across.

According to Gamers Heroes, you need the Kapp’n Spirit to pilot the boat. The Spirit is near Darudo’s Dojo to the north of the great wall pathway.

How to Bomb the Rocks

The map has big boulders blocking your way. You need a Spirit with a bomb to get past them.

We believe that any spirit with a bomb will do. An easy Spirit to get for this job is Poppy Bros. Jr. in the jungle area. We know for sure the Bomberman Spirit will work because it was referenced in the game’s tutorial. Bomberman’s Spirit is located in lower part of the city. Just enter the top part of the city from the jungle area and then head down the stairs on the west side. We also had success bombing rocks with Bomb Man.

How to Remove the Wall of Light

As you progress through the game, a wall of light will erupt across the map, dividing it in two. You won’t be able to cross to the other side until you remove it.

You need to head to the Temple of Light to remove the wall. However, the entrance to the temple is blocked by three gates. Thankfully, you just need to press the green button in the jungle area, the blue button in the river area to the east of the city and the pink button on the heart platform in the colorful area to the north of the city. Once you pressed all three buttons, head north from the jungle area up the mineshaft guarded by the Rayman Spirit and through the village area.

Once in the Temple of Light, you need to defeat Simon to move to the next part of the temple. In the second area, press the button to the left to open the gate and then defeat Pit. The wall will disappear.

How to Get Past the Computer Terminal

The entrance to the military base is to the west of the starting point (past where you fight Marth) and across the mushrooms. This is where you can unlock Mega Man and Solid Snake as well as fight a boss. However, you need to get past a computer terminal to get in.

To get past the computer terminal, you need the Hal Emmerich Spirit. The Spirit can be found in the city area around the central tower near the Dojo where you learn the Lightweight Style. Just beat the Spirit got get it in your inventory.

How to Grow the Mushrooms

In the area to the west of the starting area, there’s a gorge filled with mushrooms that you walk across. You can get Olimar to join your team if you defeat him, but you need to grow some mushrooms with magic in order to cross them and reach him.

What you need is the Kammy Koopa Spirit. It’s located to the north of the mushrooms and then west, according to one user in the comment section below. We also found it by buying it at Beedle’s Tent in the jungle area. You can also use the Kamek Spirit somewhere near the Molten Castle as well as the Viridi Spirit in the misty, purple woods, according to the user.

How to Open the White Fences

There are white fences blocking the path to the lower part of the city in the middle of the map. To open them, you don’t need a Spirit.

What you need to do is press the red button in the lower part of the city. You can reach the top part of the city from the Jungle area and then head down the stairs from either side of the city. Once you’re in downtown, head to the southeast part to hit the button.

How to Open the Electric Fences

Certain parts of the map will be blocked by metal fences with red lights on them. You don’t need a specific spirit to open them. What you need to do is restore power to the Power Plant.

The Power Plant can be found in the misty, purple forest next to the city. You can also reach the forest from the jungle area by going up the mineshaft guarded by the Rayman Spirit.

Once inside, fight your way through and then defeat the Great Zapfish Spirit. Then power will be restored to the Power Plant and the fences will automatically open.

How to Drive the Bus

You can find a bus in the village area to the west of the purple, misty forest. The area can be best reached from the mineshaft at the top of the jungle area, but it’s guarded by a strong Rayman Spirit. The bus will take you to the area where Isabelle is located so you can fight her and add her to your team.

To drive the bus, you need to have the Kapp’n (Wild World) Spirit found in the downtown area of the city next to where you unlock Inkling.

How to Drive the Wild Goose

You’ll find a race track in World of Light which you can drive around in the F-Zero vehicle the Wild Goose.

According to Gamers Heroes, you need the Spirit of the Wild Goose’s driver, Pico, to drive the Wild Goose. Pico is to the north of the Wild Goose past the battle with Bayonetta. Cross the bridge and you’ll find the Pico spirit before the battle with Lucario.

How to Get to the Island with the Transport Pokemon

To get to an island at the southeast corner of the world map, you need a transport Pokemon.

You need Lapras to cross the seas, according to Gamers Heroes. The Spirit can be found to the east of the beach area where you need the transport Pokemon. It will be in a town area.

How to Run the Train

As you progress through World of Light, you’ll run into a train that needs an engineer to run.

The Alfonzo & Engineer Link Spirit will do just fine as an engineer according to Gamers Heroes. They are found in the island that you get to with Lapras. They’re near the area that looks like Stonehenge.

How to Grow the Bean Sprout

Past the volcano is a bean sprout that you can grow to get to an area with islands floating in the sky. In this area, you can unlock King Dedede and reach Galeem. You can grow the bean sprout with the Viridi Spirit, according to Polygon.

Viridi is found in the purple, misty woods. However her battle is really hard so you’re better off summoning her using the cores of Xerneas (found in the misty woods), Alraune (which we found on the Spirit Board), any Neutral Type Spirit and any Support Spirit.

King Dedede can also be reached by using the Ho-Oh Spirit from the pink cloud area where you unlock Ness. Ho-Oh can be found in the Molten Castle. The fight with the Ho-Oh Spirit is very tough, so it’s much easier to summon it. Ho-Oh can be summoned with the cores of Raikou, Entei & Suicune (found in the Dark Realm to the left of where you fight the Chaos Spirit), any Grab Type Spirit, any Neutral Type Spirit and two of any Support Spirit.

How to Deplete Galeem’s Shield

The all-powerful Galeem waits for you on top of the map. However, you’ll need to deplete its shield to fight it. All you have to do is defeat three bosses on the map to make the shield disappear.

How to Remove the Stone Columns Blocking the Blue Pipes

The blue pipes will warp you from the island on the southeast corner of the map to the southwest corner of the map next to the military base and the jungle area. Blocking these pipes are stone columns.

You won’t need a spirit to knock them down. You just need to beat three bosses to completely deplete the shield surrounding Galeem. The columns will fall over automatically after that.

Note: It’s possible that you only need to beat the boss found on the island to knock over the columns as the blue pipe is right next to the entrance to where the boss encounter is. It could be a coincidence that the columns fell over after Galeem’s shield disappeared as the boss on the island was the third one we defeated.

How to Pilot the Great Fox

To the northeast of the top of the village area, you’ll go through a snowy mountain area and find the Great Fox. From there, you can head into the space area where you can unlock Falco and reach Galeem. However, you need a pilot to drive the Great Fox.

The Slippy Toad Spirit makes for a great pilot. It can be found in the Power Plant which is located in the purple, misty forest to the west of the city and east of the village area.

How to Get Through the Sacred Realm

Once you’ve defeated Galeem, you’ll have to go through another map known as the Dark Realm where you’ll fight the final, FINAL boss. But before that, you have to get through three different sub areas and fight the bosses in each one.

The first of these is the Sacred Land. To get to the boss, you need to fight and unlock Zelda, Young Link and Ganondorf.

Young Link is in the lost woods area to the south of the entrance. Enter the woods from the volcano area and make your way down to an owl statue that tells you to go east, south and then south again. Head east from there and go south at the crossroads. Then once you each a bit of pathway that has rectangular stones, go south and into the trees to go through a secret path. An owl statue will appear and tell you to go north, west and then north again. Go north, go west at the crossroads, head north at the next crossroads and then at the base of the lake, keep going north to jump into the water and emerge where Young Link is located.

Tip: You can open the treasure chest at the top of the lake and then move up and into the chest to head to the area where you can fight and unlock Chrom.

Zelda is located in the town area to the southwest. The town is surrounded by an inner and outer right of torches that you need to light up. These torches represent the numbers on a clock, with the blue outer ring representing minutes and the inner orange ring representing hours. The “clock” needs to be lit so that it reads 12:10. Light the second torch to the right from the top in the outer blue ring and the top torch in the inner orange ring. Defeat the Spirit that’s in the middle of the town to clear the path to Zelda.

Once both Zelda and Young Link are unlocked, the path leading to the Master Sword in the middle of the map will clear. Defeat Cloud and interact with the Master Sword to gain access to the desert area to the north of the map. Make your way up the map to reach Ganondorf. The boss should unlock after that.

How to Get Through the Mysterious Dimension

The Mysterious Dimension has you answering trivia questions about various games. Spirits appear when you each certain areas in the path and you are presented with a question. To select an answer, you battle one of the Spirits that appear. If you guess correctly, the path opens. Keep answering trivia questions correctly to make it to the boss.

Here are each of the questions along with the correct Spirit to select:

  • Which Spirit can float? – Winged Pikmin
  • Which Spirit sells furniture? – Redd
  • Which Spirit is a Nopon? – Tora
  • Who is the King of Twilight? – Zant
  • Which Spirit is a scientist? – Andross
  • Which Spirit lives in Inkopolis? – Off the Hook
  • Who is Chrom’s sister? – Lissa
  • Which Spirit is in Bowser’s army? – Lakitu
  • Which Spirits can Kirby not inhale? – Scarfy & Wispy Woods (Scarfy will put you on the path to the boss while Wispy Woods will put you on a path to where you can unlock Mewtwo)
  • Which Spirit is the leader of the Subspace Army? – Tabuu

    How to Get Through Dracula’s Castle

    There isn’t much to getting though Dracula’s Castle as it’s pretty linear. Just pick up whatever cannonballs you need to so you can fire them at the ghosts blocking your way. If you run out, you can reset the level with the hourglasses.

    For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guides and more, check out Heavy.

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