5 Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

It’s not easy to keep a hospital in tip top condition.

That task is especially difficult when you’re trying to do it on your mobile phone/tablet. Lab Cave Games wants to see if you’re up to that challenge with their new mobile building sim, Dream Hospital. There’s rooms to build, patients to heal, money to collect, and an assortment of other important tasks to mark off your to-do list. We’ve been holding down the fort with our custom hospital managing duties, which is why we have some good advice to share. It’s time to turn your Dream Hospital into an institution worth coming back to.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator:

Download the Dream Hospital APK here.

1. Follow the Requests Given Out by Your Adviser List

Dream Hospital Game

Lab Cave Games

Dream Hospital can certainly be overwhelming. That statement is especially true if you decide to play the game without spending any real cash on it. But it’s definitely doable. Don’t let the fact that your Adviser List notifications are going crazy disturb you. You’re always going to be swamped with requests, so just tend to the issues at hand when you have the materials to do so.

• Just let your hospital run on its own while you collect your money and set up new rooms/parts within all your unlocked buildings. To make your hospital managing job a tad bit easier, you should always set aside some Medical Store supplies to complete while you’re working. That way, you’ll always have some goods in stock so you can fulfill special patient requests. You’ll also need those supplies if you want to receive Blueprints from the Trade Offer truck.

• The buildings/utilities you’ll want to build up early on are the Laboratory, Handyman’s Closet, Toilet, Benches, and Staff Room. A lot of the patients that enter your establishment are going to request that upfront, while the Handyman’s Closet will help your janitors clean up more efficiently. Toilets and benches are meant to keep your patients comfortable, while the Staff Room keeps your staff happy. As you get deeper into the game, stick to the Adviser’s List to figure out what’s worth building and setting up next.

2. Leveling Up Opens Up Your Inner Hospital Construction and Outer Building Options

Dream Hospital Game

Lab Cave Games

• In order to reach new levels, you’ll need to acquire blue experience stars. Those stars proceed to turn into the points you need in order to fill the level meter – when completely filled, it reaches a new level and unlocks new items for you to build and new buildings to take advantage of. Getting experience points entails completing quests and fulfilling special patients requests. Completing those goals also helps fill the Gift Boxes meter, which gives you all sorts of useful goodies. Look around the entire map and tap on your current level bubble to see what becomes unlocked as you level up.

3. The Best Use of Your Precious Diamonds

Dream Hospital Game

Lab Cave Games

• Diamonds are Dream Hospital’s form of premium currency. If you want to get them for free, then you’ll just need to level up, complete Quests, open Gift Boxes, and watch video advertisements. You can spend your Diamonds towards speeding up the completion time for several jobs. You can also use your Diamonds to build new props that really keep your patients happy.

• One of the jobs you don’t want to waste your Diamonds on is the completion of Medical Store goods. Just let the timer for each item run out on its own. However, you should use your Diamonds to speed up the completion time for new rooms. You’ll want to open up new rooms and hire new staff for your new rooms as fast as possible in order to keep your patients and tasks in check.

4. Check in On Your Completed Quests and Maintain Your Hospital’s Reputation

Dream Hospital Game

Lab Cave Games

• The Quests tab is home to Tutorial Quests, Daily Tasks, Events, Hospital Quests, and Achievements. Make sure you regularly hop into this menu so you can collect all the rewards from your completed Quests. Focus on completing your Tutorial Quests and Daily Tasks first and foremost. Also, try and complete all your Daily Tasks before you log-off after every play session. You’ll need to reach level 10 before you can participate in Events, by the way. Fulfill Hospital Quests to get more coins, reputation points, and experience stars. And complete Achievements to get your hands on more Diamonds.

• Leveling up impacts your Reputation, which is represented by a heart meter in the top left corner of the screen. Tap on it to claim the rewards given out for logging in every day and for keeping a certain number of patients happy. You should also head in here from time to time to find out which facilities your patients now expect from your medical establishment. Build those facilities ASAP!

5. Take Advantage of Those Video Ads!

Dream Hospital gives you a ton of opportunities to acquire free Diamonds and complete waiting timers much faster. Those opportunities come in the form of short video advertisements. You should take full advantage of these ads every time the chance arrises.

• Diamonds are tough to come by, so tap on the “Premium” tab in the facilities building menu to watch four video ads for Diamonds. And whenever Medical Store goods are in the middle of being produced, watch some ads to craft them a lot quicker. You gotta work fast to keep your hospital in tip top shape, so get your goods as quickly as possible!

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