How to Defeat Tyrant (Mr. X) in Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil 2 remake tyrant boss

There are very few things as terrifying as the Tyrant in Resident Evil 2 remake. This hulking, hat wearing brute will relentlessly stalk the player. Throughout the game, this boss will chase and attack the player regardless if they play on Leon or Claire. You won’t actually get to have a real battle with him until the very end of the game. Because of that, we will break this guide up to focus on when he is just roaming around the map and when you actually have to battle him.

Dealing With Tyrant/Mr. X Normally

resident evil 2 remake tyrant

Your first encounter with Tyrant will always be when he shoves the helicopter out of the hallway. When this happens, backtrack to the roof and use either Leon’s shotgun or Claire’s grenade launcher. The name of the game here is simply dealing enough damage until he falls onto his knee. This will indicate that he is temporarily stunned, allowing you to quickly escape.

Keep in mind, he won’t be stunned forever and eventually this boss will begin chasing you through the level. Whenever he arrives, we recommend trying to get to a room where you can move around and have him chase you. Hallways are usually a deathtrap since it’s very difficult to run past him. If you are trapped, make sure to use a Flashbang since this disorientates him for a long time.

Tyrant will also not chase you into saferooms – with the exception of the Main Hall – so use these to catch your breath or resupply. It’s vital that you don’t try to stand your ground against him because there’s nothing you can do to kill him. Instead, simply stun him and move onto the next objective. For Leon, it takes roughly between 3-4 shotgun blasts to the head and Claire takes 2-3 grenade launcher rounds.

———————-Warning Spoilers Ahead!———————-

Final Tyrant/Mr. X Boss Fight

resident evil 2 remake tyrant

The final battle against Tyrant is surprisingly easy when compared to the William Birkin battle. In order to start the fight, put the battery into the elevator’s console. This will trigger a cutscene that causes Tyrant to jump down and finally fight you. When the fight begins, Tyrant will have three different attacks that he rotates between. One has him dashing towards you in an attempt to impale the character on his claws. Another has Tyrant swiping three times and the other is a scrape across the ground that does a ton of damage if it connects.

When the battle starts, focus on shooting his exposed heart that is beating in the center of his chest. This is his weak point and if you deal enough damage it will stun him. The trick to this battle is to remain on move except when you’re shooting at him. Bait out one of his attacks and then quickly turn and deal some damage. You’ll only have a second or two before you have to move, so target his heart and deal some damage.

While every weapon is generally good for this fight, we recommend the Lightning Hawk for Leon and the upgraded revolver for Claire. These can spit out high damaging rounds that have a better chance of stunning Tyrant. Additionally, Claire’s grenade launcher and Leon’s shotgun are great for burst damage if he rushes you.

Once Tyrant takes enough damage, rocks will begin to fall from the ceiling. These rocks aren’t just here to inconvenience you, they can be used to block Tyrant’s upwards slash. When he crouches down and begins “charging up” his attack, quickly move beyond a rock. When he launches towards you he’ll break the rock instead and you can just get some free damage on him. You’ll only have two, so make it count!

After he takes enough damage, Tyrant will turn a reddish color and become a bit more aggressive. Just play it safe and only engage when you’re at a safe distance. Eventually, a cutscene will play and a quad rocket launcher will drop onto the elevator. Pick this up and hit Tyrant with it to instantly kill him and end the boss fight.

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