Apex Legends Havoc: Weapon Type, Skins, Location, & More

Apex Legends Havoc Stats

A new gun for Apex Legends has officially been revealed and it’s a doozy Dubbed the Havoc, this energy rifle is looking to shake things up. This is the first weapon in Apex Legends that can use two Hop-Ups, both of which alter how the gun functions.

Initially teased yesterday on Apex Legends’ official Twitter Account, this weapon was actually datamined sometime earlier. Other players noticed that when the Legend Bangalore pinged the Turbocharger Hop-Up she’d mention both the Devotion and previously unannounced Havoc. Thankfully, players didn’t have to wait long as the Havoc is officially in Apex Legends and anyone can use it if they come across this powerful rifle.

Havoc Ammo Type

Like the Triple Take and Devotion, the Havoc utilizes Energy Ammo. For the unfamiliar, this is the light green ammo with the lightning bolt symbols. Currently, Energy Ammo is the rarest type to find in-game, but this could be altered with the Havoc’s introduction.

If you are considering using this weapon we strongly recommend that you don’t use another gun with the same ammo type. Managing Energy Ammo for one weapon is tricky enough, so consider using a Heavy or Light Ammo weapon as a secondary instead. The Havoc holds a base clip of 25 ammo and it a single charge shot uses 5 bullets at a time.

Havoc Weapon  and Mods

Unlike most Assault Rifles, the Havoc only boasts three mod slots. It can have an Optic, Stock, and a Hop Up. This means there’s no recoil reduction since the Barrel Stabilizer is not available for the Havoc. As for the Hop Up, this weapon can actually use either the Select Fire or the Turbocharger.

When you use the Turbocharger, the Havoc will fire faster and have a reduced spin up time. As for the Select Fire, this will allow players to launch a charged up round for increased distance and damage. This makes the Havoic quite versatile for both long-range and mid-range combat. Given the Havoc takes about around 1-2 seconds before it can start firing, the Turbocharger might be necessary if this is your only rapid-fire weapon.

Here are the base stats for the Havoc according to the people over at Rez.gg:

  • Base Damage to Body – 18
  • Base Damage to the Head – 36
  • Reload Time – 3.2 Seconds
  • ADS Time – 0.5 Seconds

Havoc Legendary Skins

There are currently two Legendary (Gold) tier skins for the Havoc at the time of writing this. We suspect more will be added in the future, but this is all you can obtain right now. These can be obtained by either opening loot crates or by purchasing them with Crafting Metals. Outside of the two Legendary Skins, there are an additional 34 skins for the Havoc.

Quantum Chaos

Apex Legends Havoc Skin

Solar Empire

Havoc Legendary Skin

Havoc Location

For those wanting to grab the Havoc as soon as possible, we recommend dropping in any of the high tier loot areas. Since this is not a Supply Drop weapon, you can find it on the ground or in crates scattered throughout the map. There is also a chance you’ll stumble across a Legendary (Gold) variations which comes with all of the modifiers.

If you are grabbing this weapon make sure to keep an eye out for the two Hop-Ups. These are nice to have in your inventory and can make combat far easier. The Havoc is currently available to all players on every platform.

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