What Does Gold (Legendary) Level Armor Do in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Legendary Armor Gold

If you are playing through Apex Legends then there’s a chance that you’ve come across some extremely rare Legendary tier loot. Color-coded gold, these items are the best of the best, with many of them coming with extra perks. Because of this, anyone who is using a gold level item has a slight advantage over those using lower tier gear. Here’s a breakdown of what each gold/Legendary level armor item does in Apex Legends.

Legendary Body Shield

The Legendary Body shield comes with four shield nodes and it boasts the extra skill of letting you regenerate your shields upon a successful Finisher. This is easier said than done since Finishers take some time to execute, but if you manage to pull one off then your armor’s shields will be instantly restored. We only recommend doing this if you’re low on supplies or catch someone away from their teammates.

Legendary Helmet

When equipped, the Legendary Helmet will not only reduce headshot damage inflicted on the users but give the wearer faster Tactical and Ultimate ability recharge. This gives the person using this helmet faster access to their abilities during a fight, which could mean all the difference. If you have someone like Gibraltar or Lifeline, make sure to give them the helmet. Their skills take longer to charge and have quite a dramatic impact during an engagement.

Legendary Backpack

Wearing the Legendary Backpack gives the user the ability to use healing items 50% faster. Even though you also get the maximum slots in your inventory, it’s this consumable advantage that makes the Legendary Backpack the best armor piece in the game. Being able to quickly fill your shields and health in the middle of a fight is game-changing. This allows for more aggressive playstyles or the ability to save yourself if someone ambushes you,

Legendary Knockdown Shield

Finally, the Legendary Knockdown Shield gives players a stronger defense when they fall and the ability to self-resurrect once. Saving yourself takes around 30 seconds and it’s a very visible animation. After you self resurrect the shield will function normally and you’ll need to rely on your teammates top save you.

Of the four, the backpack and knockdown shield are the most useful. Being able to literally put yourself back into combat can catch foes off guard or let you sneak away if a battle is too heated. When self-resurrecting try to find a place away from the fighting since you’re still vulnerable during the animation. Make sure to only use this when your team actually needs you. Nothing feels worse than wasting this critical ability right as the fight finishes.

Remember, you can find Legendary tier loot either in supply drops or scattered throughout the map. The former is the most common method, so make sure to check any drop pods that hit the island. Getting a piece of gold rarity items shouldn’t be your first priority, but make sure to always keep an eye out for it.

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