Top 6 Best Weapon Combos in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Best Weapon Combos

There are a lot of weapons in developer Respawn Entertainment’s newest game, Apex Legends. At the time of writing this, there is a total of 20 weapons in Apex Legends, two of which can only be obtained via Supply Drops. While you can only hold two guns, making sure you have the right loadout can determine whether you become a champion or get sent back to the lobby screen.

When determining the best weapon combos, we put together this list under the assumption that you’ll have zero attachments for your guns. Even though mods are easy to come by, we are basing these weapons solely on their individual performance. If we do make an exception it will be noted in the description.

Remember, any weapon in Apex Legends is deadly if used effectively. This isn’t to say that your preferred set up doesn’t work. With that out of the way, here are our top picks for the best weapon combos in Apex Legends.

1) The Beginner

  • Flatline
  • EVA-8 Auto

If you are just starting out in Apex Legends then consider starting with this kit. The Flatline is a full auto assault rifle with strong damage and decent range. This allows you to participate in most engagements and even some long-distance fights if you switch it to single fire mode.

As for the EVA-8 Auto, it serves as a great follow up weapon for taking down damaged foes. While it doesn’t have the range of the Peacekeeper, its rate of fire can make it easier to hit moving targets. We suggest looking for a shotgun choke for the EVA-8 and an extended magazine for the Flatline.

2) The Ammo Hoarder

  • Wingman
  • Spitfire

A personal favorite, this combination allows the user to quickly eliminate targets at medium to close distance. The Spitfire is superb for mopping up enemies thanks to its high rate of fire and damage output. It’s also fairly easy to control – especially if you manage to get a barrel stabilizer. This weapon is also perfect for simply hip firing into enemies that rush you since it’s pretty easy to hit targets without aiming down the sights.

We decided to pair this with the Wingman since this revolver deals heavy damage and acts as a superb finisher to any fight. Add on a  Skullpiercer hop-up to really maximize your damage output. Since the Wingman does a lot of damage at a considerable distance, it works as a fantastic follow-up gun for most engagements. The only issue with this build is both weapons use Heavy Ammo, so managing your reserves will be critical.

3) Best of Both Worlds

  • Hemlock (or G7 Scout)
  • R-99

For those preferring to partake in some distance shooting, consider picking up either the G7 Scout or Hemlock. Both of these are solid for taking targets out before they can push onto your position, however, we recommend a barrel stabilizer for either of these weapons. If you are confident in your aim, then consider grabbing the Longbow instead. This means you’ll be really relying on your R-99 in close quarters.

Speaking of, this SMG packs a wallop despite using Light Rounds. This gun can do a substantial amount of damage in a short time, allowing users to quickly cut down anyone in front of them. However, this is a gun that we strongly, strongly recommend using only if you get a Blue or above Extended Magazine. It can dump its ammo very fast, so it’s vital to obtain this mod.

4) The Challenge

  • Peacekeeper
  • Wingman

Perhaps one of the trickiest setups is the combination of the Wingman and Peacekeeper shotgun. This set up largely depends on your ability to hit all of your shots throughout the game. Both of these guns deal a lot of damage – especially once you get their respective hop-ups – making any master a force to be reckoned with. Again, we only suggest this set up if you are capable of landing the majority of your shots.

5) The Well Rounded

  • R-301
  • Wingman/Devotion/Longbow

This is one of the most common setups you’ll see when playing Apex Legends. The R-301 is an absurdly good assault rifle that has great stability and a solid rate of fire. While it is reliant on having an Extended Mag, the R-301 is a robust weapon that can easily serve as the backbone to your kit. It’s possible to substitute it for a Flatline, however, we find the R-301 is simply more consistent in battles.

Your second weapon is entirely dependant on your preferred playstyle and role. The Wingman, Devotion, and Longbow all serve as excellent backup weapons. If you like to have a fast follow up gun consider the Wingman, while the Devotion serves as a nice way to take on foes in confined areas. If you prefer to stay back then grab a Longbow to provide long distance support.

6) The Gentleman

  • Mozambique 
  • Mozambique 

For a refined and high-class player only. The double Mozambique is a set up that only the best of the best can truly master. Sure, you only have six shots between both guns, but high-class Apex Legends users don’t worry about such trivial things. It’s not about doing minimal damage, but sending a mental message to your opponents.

You are better than them and only those with refined pallets truly understand the power of the double Mozambique. If you manage to win with this you can hang up your crown and retire as a king of Apex Legends. Bonus points if the entire squad rocks these guns.

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