Is the Apex Legends Founder Pack Worth It?

Apex Legends Founders Pack Skins

Apex Legends is the newest battle royale game and it’s completely free to play. Like a lot of other free to play games, Apex Legends features a Founders Pack that comes with a variety of different items. Costing $30, this pack comes with some in-game currency and a variety of cosmetic items. However, if you are just starting out one has to wonder if the Apex Legends Founder Pack is even worth your money. If you are considering the Starter Pack and what to know if that’s worth your money, go here.

For the unfamiliar the Apex Legends Founder Pack comes with the following items:

  • 2,000 Apex Coins
  • Exclusive Legendary Demon Hemlok Weapon Skin
  • An Exclusive Founder’s Badge
  • Exclusive Banner Frames for Bloodhound, Wraith, and Gibraltar
  • Exclusive Roughneck Character Skins for Bloodhound, Wraith, and Gibraltar

For perspective, 2,000 Apex Coins is worth $20 at the time of writing this. You can go to the store and purchase these coins right now and receive an additional 150 coins as a bonus. This means the rest of the items offered are given a value of around $10. The skins for the three characters are not Legendary tier and don’t drastically alter the way your hero looks.

Apex Legends Founders Pack Banner

These are simple black and red camo outfits, so don’t expect anything crazy. Additionally, they only come for the three heroes listed above, so if you’re not a big fan of Bloodhound, Gibraltar, and Wraith then it might be worth passing. The banners are also the same, so don’t expect anything too flashy.

Apex Legends Founders Pack Demon Hemlock Skin

Thankfully, the Demon Hemlock skin is really cool and given most Legendary tier skins cost around 1,800 Apex Coins this adds extra value to the pack. The demon carved onto the front and ornate red design on the sides really stands out. It’s a cool looking gun and undoubtedly the best cosmetic in the Founder’s Pack.

Yet, we can only recommend purchasing the Founder’s Pack if you are a fan of the different cosmetics offered. If you just don’t like the pretty bland red and black camo look for those three heroes and their banners then you should consider passing this up. Unless you really like the weapon skin, it’s just cheaper to buy the coins and either open packs or save them for something you really want.

Keep in mind, both the Founder’s Pack and purchasing $20 worth of Apex Coins will be enough to purchase both Caustic and Mirage. Those two characters do not come with the Founders Pack, so you’ll need to use your currency to buy them. We suggest waiting a few days and seeing if you unlock any other skins you prefer over the ones in this pack. Nothing’s worse than spending money on skins you’ll never wear.

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