How to Charge and Use Your Ultimate in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Charge Ultimate

Apex Legends is the newest battle royale game to hit the market. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, this shooter allows players to pick from one of eight heroes at the beginning of the match. Each of these legends sports a passive, active, and ultimate ability – with the latter typically being extremely potent. Ultimates are the most powerful skills in Apex Legends and it’s critical that you understand how to charge and use them.

Your ultimate ability will passively charge during the course of the match, however, there are two ways to speed up this process. The first is to simply kill enemies and the other requires you to find a consumable called an “Ultimate Accelerator.” This item is in the rare classification (blue) and it looks like a big floppy disk on the ground.

Once you grab it, open up your inventory and use the Ultimate Accelerator. This will cause your hero to pull out a device and plug the accelerator into it. After a few seconds, you will instantly receive 20% charge additional charge to your ultimate. We recommend using these whenever possible, especially early on when possessing an ultimate can quickly turn around a battle.

In order to use your ultimate, you have to wait until the ability at the bottom of your screen is charged up. After this, hit the corresponding button – which you can change in your settings – to trigger your ultimate. We strongly recommend understanding what your legends ultimate does so you don’t end up wasting it. Support ultimates such as Lifeline’s care package isn’t great in a fight but can prove to be very powerful early on when your team is gearing up.

It will take some time, but mastering when and where to use your ultimate can mean the difference between life and death in Apex Legends.

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