Does Crackdown 3 Have Cross-Play With Xbox One & PC?

Crackdown 3 Crossplay


After what feels like a billion years, Crackdown 3 has finally been released.

Although reviews have been pretty lukewarm, Crackdown 3 is still sure to be a game that is a hit for Xbox Game Pass members.

With all first-party games on Xbox One coming day one to Game Pass it makes it a pretty good service for those excited for Xbox-exclusive titles.

Games like Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and now Crackdown 3 have all come to the service on day one allowing a lot of players to get in on the action.

As with all of these games, they are also Xbox Play Anywhere titles which means a digital copy on Xbox One will also get you a PC version and vice-versa.

Players might be wondering if there is cross-play between the two versions and we can confirm that is the case.

If you are playing on PC and you have a friend on Xbox One you will still be able to team up and play together, making it a game that is truly able to be played anywhere.

This was confirmed through the FAQ page for Crackdown 3 so players won’t have to worry about being separated by platform.

While playing on Xbox One allows you to game share pretty easily, where only one person has to actually own the game, it gets a little trickier on PC.

In my own testing, Sea of Thieves had issues where playing on PC while one person plays on Xbox One with only one of us owning the game.

Getting a Game Pass subscription for the second person solved this issue so you might run into an issue if you’re splitting the platforms like that, just as a heads up.

If you are using a game sharing method to play on Xbox One only then you should be all good.

Crackdown 3 is available now for Xbox One and PC.

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