How Do Helmets Work in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Helmet Damage Reduction

There are a lot of things to keep track of in developer Respawn Entertainments’ newest game, Apex Legends. From the vast arsenal to the different abilities to the unique gameplay mechanics, this battle royale game boasts a ton of nuance. One aspect that isn’t directly explained is how helmets work and what they offer.

Unlike body armor, helmets do not offer any shields to the wearer. Instead, helmets directly impact how much damage you take when an opponent shoots you in the head. There are four tiers of helmets with White (Common) being the lowest and Legendary (Gold) being the rarest variation. You can find most of types of helmets anywhere on the map, however, gold ones typically come from Supply Drops or high tier loot spots.

Here’s a breakdown of how the damage reduction offered from each helmet:

  • White – 30% Headshot damage reduction
  • Blue – 40% Headshot damage reduction
  • Purple – 50% Headshot damage reduction
  • Gold – 50% Headshot damage reduction & faster-charging abilities

Remember, helmets are independent of shields and do not need any recharging if you take damage. This item does not break if you take a lot of damage, so don’t worry about switching them out if you’re shot. It’s absolutely critical that you always have a helmet on you, especially in the late-game. Grabbing armor should be one of your top priorities when you land since it’s very easy to die without protection in Apex Legends.

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