Where to Find the Havoc in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Havoc Location

The Havoc is the newest weapon in Respawn Entertainment’s multiplayer hit, Apex Legends. Boasting one of the highest damage-per-shots in the entire game, this weapon is also the first gun to use two different Hop Ups. This makes it quite unique, as it gives the users a lot of versatility for how they want to engage targets.

If you are looking to grab this gun as soon as possible then you are in luck, the Havoc can be found anywhere on the map. This is not a Supply Drop weapon and it can be picked up anywhere on the island. There is also a golden version of the gun that comes with all Legendary attachments. We recommend dropping into high tier loot areas such as Reservoir, Runoff, Airbase, and Artillery. My team managed to find two Havocs in the Swamp location as well.

Remember, the Havoc uses Energy Ammo so make sure to grab as much as possible. While there appears to be more of this ammo type around the map, we still recommend keeping a nice reserve if you’re Havoc hunting.

For those unaware, the Havoc is an Energy Assault Rifle that can be equipped with an Optic, Stock, and either a Turbocharger or Select Fire. The former Hop Up greatly reduces the spin-up time before bullets leave the chamber and the latter allows users to fire a hitscan energy beam at targets. You can only pick one Hop Up, so make sure to grab the modifier that works with your playstyle.

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