Fortnite Season 8, Week 2 Challenges: How to Finish Them

With Fortnite’s 8th Season officially underway it’s time to look at another week of challenges. Leaked ahead of time, the week 2 challenges look remarkably easy and should pose too much of a problem. Remember, there is always a chance that developer Epic Games could alter these challenges before their release this Thursday. We will update this piece if anything changes when the Season 8, Week 2 challenges go live.

  1. 1) Deal 200 Damage to Descending Supply Drops

  2. The first challenge requires players to deal a specific amount of damage to descending supply drops. This means you have to shoot the balloons that are holding up the crates that are floating down. You can use any ranged weapon for this, but we suggest using the Heavy Assult Rifle or Scoped Revolver. While snipers deal more damage, you’ll have to reload between shots.

We suggest hopping into a 50vs50 for this challenge since it’s way easier to find and shoot down Supply Drops. Keep in mind, players will hear you shooting so make sure you’re in a safe spot when you open fire.

2) Deal 100 Damage to Opponents With a Pirate Cannon

This is another challenge that is way easier to complete in 50vs50 than a typical game. Since you have to physically drag the cannon, having a team cover you will reduce any headaches. Remember, the easiest place to find cannons is in the several pirate forts scattered throughout the island. Once you find a cannon, gear up and then drag this piece of artillery to the circle.

The cannon will deal 100 damage to any target it hits and the range on this weapon is pretty substantial. If you’re having trouble hitting foes, just drop into a solo game and try to kill someone at the fort with this weapon. We suspect this challenge will take the most amount of time, so just be patient when trying to find and hit targets.

3) Eliminate 3 Opponents in Salty Springs or Haunted Hills

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For this challenge, all you have to do is kill opponents in either Salty Springs or Haunted Hills. Even though the number of kills required is currently unknown, all you have to do is slay foes in either of these locations. We recommend dropping at Salty Springs since it’s easier to get too and you’ll typically find more loot here. The fastest method will certainly be Solos, especially during the week these challenges go live.

4) Search a Chest in Different Named Locations in a Single Match

To complete this you’ll need to open up chests in different named locations. The amount of chests is unknown, however, we would be surprised if it was above 3. Since you’re required to hit multiple areas we suggest dropping at Junk Junction and working your way down through Haunted Hills to Pleasant Park.

Another good route is heading east from Frosty Flights through Polar Peaks to Shifty Shafts. Remember to make use of the ziplines so you can quickly around the map. Doing this in squads or 50vs50 is ideal since you’ll have fewer chances of dying along your journey.

5) Gain 25 Health From Apples (2 Parts)

A two-part challenge, players will need to first gain health from apples, but then from Med Kits. This is fairly easy since you can find apples in most forest areas and Med Kits are littered all over the island. Remember if you’re at full health you can always just build a few ramps and take fall damage. It’s not an eloquent solution, but it will let you quickly use a bunch of apples in a single game.

6) Land at Different Locations (5 Parts)

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This is a five-part challenge that asks players to land at five different locations. The order of places you need to drop is The Block, Dusty Divot, Polar Peak, Snobby Shores, and Paradise Palms. All you have to do is land at these spots in the listed order to complete this challenge. It will have to be over the course of five matches, so just make sure you know where to go before each game starts. You shouldn’t have any problem with this challenge.

7) Visit the Furthest North, South, East, and West Points of the Island

To complete this quest you’ll need to visit four signposts located on the North, South, East, and West side of the map. You can either land at these locations or just run to them when you land. They are very spread out so it will be quite tricky to hit multiple locations in a single game.

Here’s where each of the signposts are located:

  • C1 – By the cliff northeast of Junk Junction
  • F10 – South of Lucky Landing on the hill by the giant pig
  • A5 – West of Snobby Shores 
  • J6 – Between the race track and abandoned mansion on the cliff