Fortnite: Season 8, Week 2 Secret Banner Location

Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 Secret Banner

Season 8 of Fortnite is in full swing and the secret banner for week 2 has been leaked ahead of time. Following the same tradition as previous seasons, this banner is only available after all of the week 2 challenges have been completed. After this, you can go to the designated location and grab this banner.

You can find the Season 8, Week 2 Secret Banner inside the volcano to the left of the throne. This volcano is a new location that users can explore and it’s located in the northeastern corner of the map. If you want to get the banner, skydive through the top of the volcano. You’ll encounter a large draft of air, but it’s still possible to skydive through the top.

If you’re having trouble then follow the stream of lava and enter through the hole in the side of the volcano. This will require some materials since the lava can hurt you, but it’s an easier method if you miss the top when leaping from the bus.

Once inside you can find the banner to the left of the throne that’s across the pool of lava. This should be pretty easy to find, just make sure that all of your week 2 challenges are finished before you go hunting for it. There’s not a ton of loot in the volcano, so make sure to grab a gun or two outside if you’re not alone.

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