How to Ping Enemies and Objects in Fortnite

Fortnite How to Ping

Fortnite may be the current king of battle royale games, but even they aren’t opposed to adopting mechanics from other titles. Respawn Entertainments’ Apex Legends introduced a fantastic ping system that allows players to mark items, enemies, and locations with the push of a button. Fortnite now has a similar system and it’s just as simple to use.

In order to ping items just press the middle mouse button on PC or left on the D-Pad for consoles. This can be altered if you want a different button, but players can ping items, people, and locations. To ping enemy locations, just double tap either the middle mouse button or left on the D-pad. This will throw up a red ping to alert your teammates that you see an opponent.

We strongly recommend you get into the habit of pinged foes and items in the game. It can be insanely helpful instead of trying to just call out a position. Pinging is also useful for those who either don’t have a mic or like to use one. Just remember, there are no voice overs so you’ll need to still let people know if you ping a specific item or place.

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