5 FRAG Pro Shooter Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

If you’ve been craving an Overwatch-like experience on mobile, developer Oh BiBi has something just for you.

Their latest game, FRAG Pro Shooter, is an arena shooter full of class-based characters. And like most hero shooters, you’ll need to become the ultimate team player and push your squad to victory. If you’re looking for a guide that’ll give you all the know-how needed to dominate the arena, you’ve come to the right place. With our help, you’ll assemble game-winning teams and fight your way to new Arena locales!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for FRAG Pro Shooter:

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1. Stick Close to Your Teammates and Take Down the Enemy Team’s Bullseye Targets

FRAG Hero Shooter

Oh BiBi

FRAG Pro Shooter’s rules are simple – the only way to win is by completely depleting the enemy team’s life bar. To do so, you’ll need to eliminate the enemy teams’ heroes and claim their control areas by shooting down their bullseye targets. But whenever an enemy moves into your crosshairs, pick off their HP or kill them altogether if you’re still a ways away from the enemy bullseye.

• Achieving both goals becomes a bit easier when you’re always next to one or two of your fellow teammates. The only time you’ll really want to go solo is when you’re looking to pick up any leftover gold and diamonds you spot on the battlefield. Once you’ve done all your item collecting, get back to doing battle alongside one or more of your fellow heroes. Focus on taking out the enemy team’s bullseye targets first before you switch focuses to taking out your rival heroes.

2. Build up Three Varied Battle Decks

FRAG Hero Shooter

Oh BiBi

• As you fight your way into new Arenas and open reward chests, you’ll unlock several new heroes. Each hero falls under one battle class – Attack, Defense, Center, and Camp. There’s a ton of heroes to choose from and there’s only so many of them you can actually place into your three battle decks. Click on each unlocked hero to get an idea of their stats and special ability. A good starter Battle Deck we’ve been particularly successful with is comprised of Dan, Dr. Frost, Jay B, Jet, and Big Paku.

• Depending on which character class you’re comfortable with, make sure to place three of those hero types in each of your battle decks. As for the other two hero slots left over for a single Battle Deck, assign one hero from any of the other character classes to complete your squad. So for instance, one of your Battle Decks should feature three Attack heroes, one Defense hero, and one Center hero. Before you take one of your freshly built battle decks into a live match, try out all the heroes within that deck by throwing them into a training match. Just tap on the bullseye target icon on the Battle Deck screen to start up an AI-assisted training scramble.

3. Be Smart with your Gold and Diamond Related Purchases

FRAG Hero Shooter

Oh BiBi

• The gold and diamonds you collect by picking them up during matches and getting them from treasure chests can be used to do a number of things. Your gold is mainly used to upgrade your heroes, purchase new ones, and buy copies of the heroes you already have (this task goes towards your hero upgrading efforts). You can get your hands on the free gold currency in the shop from time to time, by the way.

• You should primarily put your gold towards upgrading your heroes. As for diamonds, you can use them to pick up Season XP Boosters, chests, and gold. You can also use them to instantly open up the chests you get from completed matches (don’t waste your diamonds on this endeavor, however). When you have enough Diamonds to purchase a Season XP Booster, do so ASAP! This battle points booster will push you towards a new arena locale and help you collect the rewards associated with that increase in arena rank in a much quicker fashion.

4. Manage Your Arena Chests

FRAG Hero Shooter

Oh BiBi

• There are four arena chest slots you can fill in on the main menu. Once you fill all four of those slots, choose one of those chests and set it aside for unlocking. It takes a few hours to open one of ’em, but you can shorten the waiting time by watching a few video advertisements.

• Perform this task a few times, then take a break from the game altogether. Come back to the game a day later and that single chest should be unlocked and ready to award you with gold, diamonds, and hero cards. Once you open a chest, start up the unlock time for another one. While you’re waiting for that one to open, complete another match so you can acquire an additional arena chest. That arena chest should fill the open slot left over by the chest you unlocked beforehand. Perform this process on the regular during every play session.

5. Complete Your Missions and Never Forget to Pick up Your Daily Gift

FRAG Pro Shooter

Oh BiBi

• Each time you complete your three daily missions, three new ones take their place the next time you log in. Make it a daily habit of completing all of these new missions so you can walk away with some extra diamonds. You’ll also be rewarded with medals, which helps unlock a Gold Chest once you reach its required number count.

• Get as many enemy hero kills as you can in order to collect red medals, too. This medal type can be used to collect a Frag Chest full of essential goodies. By the way, don’t forget to pick up your Daily Gift. It should take three hours for each one to unlock. You can always look forward to claiming new hero cards and some extra medals from this type of reward chest.

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