5 King of Crabs Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

A crab’s life is certainly a tough one to endure.

Starting out as a miniature crab is dangerous since you have to deal with even larger crabs. And let’s not even get into the whole “humans see crabs as a seafood delicacy” debacle. King of Crabs focuses on the former and puts you in the role of a crab who’s looking to become the biggest and baddest on the land (and in the sea). You can choose to go solo and dominate other rival sea creatures. Or squad up with fellow crabs and take down the island’s most formidable bullies. This tips guide will provide you with a ton of advice on how to place your crab’s name atop the leaderboard during every match!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for King of Crabs:

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1. Start Out “Friendly” to Rank up, Then Challenge Yourself to Become “King”

King of Crabs Game

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King of Crabs has two modes of play available to you – Friendly and King. During your initial play sessions with the game, you won’t have any of the tougher crab species in your arsenal at first. The smaller ones you do have access to are capable of surviving a bit longer during the matches you play in Friendly mode. Stick to this mode of play so you can rely on your fellow crabs to assist you in battle. Look at Friendly mode as something of a training module and a way to further rank up in order to unlock more rewards and stronger crabs.

• You can play King matches anytime you want, but we suggest hopping into that harder play mode once you finally unlock a rare crab (you can get one by reaching the Gold tier Player Rank or by winning one from the Royal-Grab minigame). Make sure you take advantage of the Royal-Grab’s “Special Offer” period before it ends. Might as well get some extra rare goodies for less before you’re forced to pay the default pearls cost needed to play Royal-Grab again.

2. Keep Moving, Keep Eating, and Keep Fighting!

King of Crabs Game

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• You only have access to a limited amount of hearts (retries), so you have to stay in a match for as long as possible before they’re fully depleted. Your crab needs to stay on the move at all times, especially if it’s one of the much smaller types. Always make sure the minimap is enlarged so you can get a clearer idea of where the item crates are located. As you’re moving towards one, stop to munch on some food and other sea creatures along the way. Your HP depletes at a steady rate at all times, so make sure to keep that meter filled by consuming fruit and other sea creatures.

• Whenever you spot an item that can be used as a shield, pick it up ASAP! You’ll have a much higher chance of defeating a crab of similar stature when you have some added protection on deck. It’s always best if you pick up a weapon from an item crate so you have a much higher chance at taking out the opposition. Whenever you spot a crab that’s 10x your size though, boost out of its warpath! Don’t forget – your crab can climb up on all those high rock structures to stay out of harm’s way. Just stick to fighting crabs that are as big as you or much smaller. And go around smashing all those item crates to nab even more collectible hearts and coins. Get in a few unexpected hits on any crab trying to destroy an item crate, by the way. TO THE VICTOR GOES THE SPOILS!

3. Continue to Rank up and Carefully Manage Your Crabs’ Upgrades and Skills

King of Crabs Game

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• Getting the Trophy Points you need in order to rank up is done by leveling up your crabs, eliminating other crabs during matches, and getting a good spot on the leaderboard. Play three or more matches on a daily basis – at the end of your play session, you should have enough trophy points to collect new rewards and the bigger unlocks tied to ranking up.

• As for crab upgrades and skills, the upgrades you attach to a crab are only attached to that one alone. The skills you unlock are usable by all of your crabs, however. Be sure to upgrade your current fave crab at first. The upgrade priority order you should stick to is Health, Attack, and Speed. One you unlock a better one, switch focuses to continually upgrading that higher tier of crab fighter. Keep ranking up to unlock new skills – in our opinion, the skills you need to focus on improving the most are Super Food, Survivor, Hard Shell, Lucky Crab, and Melee Master.

4. Get Your Claws on Those Pretty Pearls

• Pearls are King of Crabs’ premium currency – they’re used to play the Royal-Grab minigame and get points for crab upgrades/skills. You can acquire them via player rank meter rewards or by purchasing them with real money. Avoid the real money route altogether and stick to the former unlock option.

• You can also collect pearls for free just by watching a video advertisement. Once you finish watching one, you’ll get the option to watch another one for more pearls after a 12-hour wait. Five pearls are given to you for watching a video ad within the pearls menu and three pearls are provided for you once you watch a video ad after a completed match. You may even collect a few pearls from item crates, too…

5. Complete Your Missions and Don’t Forget to Pick up Your Scavenger Rewards

• You can collect coins just by playing matches, but you can also get more by completing your daily quests. Make sure you complete all three of them before you log out for the day. You’ll get the biggest coin payouts by fulfilling the requirements tied to daily quests.

• Make a mental note of each quest before you attempt to complete one or all of them during your next match. Coins are also gifted to you from your idle crabs. Just tap on the “All Crabs” option to see how many they collected for you while you were playing or away from the game for the day. Coins are mainly put towards playing the Prize-Grab minigame, by the way. Extra upgrades, skills, pearls, and hearts come your way just for participating!

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