Diablo 3: Season 16 End Date & Season 17 Start Date


For those still playing Diablo 3 out there, the one thing that probably still keeps you going is the Seasonal play as it represents a breath of fresh air every few months and it gives everyone a chance to start anew.

We’re now going into Season 17 and it’s been a while since we’ve received anything noteworthy to the game so surely something has to be on the horizon, right?

The last major addition to the game was the Necromancer class but now that’s well in the past and with the release of the game onto the Nintendo Switch, it’s now available on every modern platform.

While Switch players are probably excited to have the game, there’s not a whole lot keeping longtime players going but at least the first couple days of a season are fun.

When does Season 16 end?

Season 16, like other seasons have been in the past, was extended past its original end date.

The new end date for Season 16 is May 12 which means players still have a little bit of time to grind out those final Greater Rift runs before the season wraps up for good.

When does Season 17 begin?

Diablo 3 Season 16 Start Time

Diablo 3 is going into Season 17.

5/10/19 Update: Season 17 begins May 17.

As for Season 17, that has been delayed to accommodate for the extended Season 16 time. Blizzard hasn’t announced an official start time for as of yet but we’ll update this article when that date is made available.

This has quickly turned Season 16 into one the lengthiest seasons we have seen so far in Diablo 3 so let’s hope the wait is worth it when Season 17 rolls around.

Season 16 easily had one of, if not the best, themes of all of the seasons so we’d like to see if Blizzard is able to improve upon that going forward and keeping the game fun and exciting for players as they wait for the inevitable Diablo 4 to release.