Streamer Etika Caught on Video Hitting a NYPD Officer

Etika Hits NYPD Police

Two days after his posting controversial rants online and his subsequent detainment, Youtuber/streamer Daniel Desmond “Etika” Amofah was caught on video earlier today assaulting a police officer. The video spread like wildfire after it was shared online, with the young streamer striking a cop. While the video is very shaky, you can make out Amofah being approached by the officer before he hits him once.

After that, it appears the officer retaliates, but due to the poor quality of the video, it’s hard to say what happens directly after this. Etika can then be seen walking away from an altercation with several police officers walking behind him. Youtuber Omni has confirmed that this was, in fact, Etika. Amofah’s friend, Alice Pika, also confirmed that Etika was not arrested or going to jail. Instead, Amofah was sent to the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

Amofah found himself involved with the NYPD earlier this week when he was detained by officers in his Brooklyn apartment. After going on a lengthy Twitter rant, police arrived outside of Etika’s apartment. The streamer was broadcasting on Instagram to just under 20,000 people as he shouted at police officers from his window before they entered the premises. Etika was unharmed during his detainment and was seen being wheeled out on a stretcher yelling, “we made it,” to a crowd of people.

Hopefully, Etika can get the help he needs going forward. To reiterate, Etika was not arrested or sent to jail for hitting an NYPD officer. The streamer was sent to a hospital to seek care. We will update this story if any new information is released to the public.