Steam Steps In Following Rocket League Review Bombing

Rocket League Review Bombed Steam

Earlier this week, the studio behind the hit multiplayer game Rocket League – Psyonix – announced that they have been purchased by Epic Games. Following this, many users voiced their concerns over Rocket League’s future availability on Valve’s platform. This caused the game to get review bombed on Steam, bringing the rating down from Very Positive to Mixed. Because of this, Valve had to step in an attempt to mitigate the hordes of angry reviews flooding the game.

Currently, you can still see the actual reviews, with most of them referencing Epic Games in some fashion. The rating is back up to Very Positive, but we doubt this will stop the hordes of negativity surrounding this title. This isn’t the first time a game has been review bombed following the announcement of a title moving to Epic’s platform.

When Metro Exodus was announced, the first two titles on Steam were hit with a wave of angry reviews from players – despite those games still being available on Valve’s service. Developer Gearbox Software also suffered from this, resulting in Valve stepping in following review bombs about Borderlands 3 coming to Epic.

Many players cite the variety of missing features in Epic’s platform and concerns about security. However, Epic Games does offer developers a better deal, so their reason for switching isn’t that surprising. Some of the Rocket League currency does stem from the vague messages sent about the game’s future on Steam. Currently, there has been no definitive answer about the game’s future on the platform, other than it currently remains on Steam.

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