How Long Is & How Many Chapters Are in My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro How Long

My Friend Pedro is a wild and chaotic action game developed by DeadToast Entertainment. In it, players assume the role of an unnamed individual who awakens with no memory of who he is. Driven to murder everyone by a talking banana, you will blast your way across dozens of levels filled with mobsters, criminals, and armored gamers. Costing only $19.99, one has to wonder just how long this game is and if there is any replay value.

During our playthrough on Normal difficulty, it took us between 3-4 hours to finish the game. There are a total of 40 levels in My Friend Pedro and 5 separate chapters that are set in different locations. Each mission is roughly 10-15 minutes long, give or take your individual skill level. However, after the credits roll there isn’t much to do outside of replaying the levels. My Friend Pedro has no New Game Plus, so you cannot bring any of the weapons you earned into other levels.

While there aren’t any other modes, My Friend Pedro boasts an online leaderboard for every level. There are a ton of ways to improve your score, which does encourage multiple playthroughs of levels. However, there appears to be no reward for improving your leaderboard standings. Unless you want bragging rights, don’t expect a lot to do after you finish the game. This doesn’t make My Friend Pedro bad – far from it – as the game is a wildly entertaining experience from start finish.

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