NBA 2k League Team-Specific Controllers Let Players Show Off Fandom

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 28: A detailed view of a PS4 controller as players practice during day one of the 2019 ePremier League Finals at Gfinity Arena on March 28, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)

A partnership that began in the NBA 2k League’s first season has blossomed into a new way that fans of the league can demonstrate their allegiance while taking the virtual court themselves.

Scuf Gaming, the official controller brand of the NBA 2k League, is releasing for sale to the general public a new line of its Vantage PC and PS4 controllers. The new spin on the Vantage line will feature skins appropriate for fans of all 21 NBA 2k League franchises.

Advantages of the Vantage Line for NBA 2k Players

Though not required to use Scuf controllers by league rules, many of the players in the NBA 2k League opt to use the brand’s products because of the attention to comfort and performance.

One of the biggest advantages of the Vantage line for NBA 2k players at any level is the level of customization. The 15 features of the Vantage enable customers to choose options like domed or concave thumbsticks, a variety of trigger covers and rings that come in an array of finishes.

Experienced players in any title will know what features their own hands respond to best. The Scuf Vantage line allows NBA 2k players to turn that knowledge into a practical advantage. The NBA 2k League line takes it a step further.

NBA 2k League Team-Specific Faceplates

The full line of Vantage controllers which include faceplates specific to all 21 NBA 2k League franchises is now available for customers to build and buy online. For fans who are comfortable with their existing controllers but want to rep their favorite NBA 2k League teams in a new way, Scuf has them covered as well.

Next week the NBA 2k League team-specific faceplates will be available for purchase. Those will run $29.99 plus applicable shipping fees and taxes. It’s the fans that Scuf has produced the faceplates for.

“This collection is a nod to the league’s fans, who are just as faithful and loyal as those that cheer on live basketball,” said Scuf Gaming founder and CEO Duncan Ironmonger in a press release. “Whether it’s the royal purple and gold of Lakers Gaming, the iconic blue and orange of Knicks Gaming, or any other team, fans can now represent their favorite team when they are gaming.”

History of the Scuf and NBA 2k League Partnership

Scuf has been the official controller of the NBA 2k League since the league’s games first began in 2018. As previously mentioned, players in the league are free to use controllers of their choice regardless of brand.

It’s hard to find any other controller that performs better for the special PC build of Take Two’s basketball game than what Scuf’s Vantage has brought, however. That’s why many of the league’s players have adopted a Scuf controller as their own.

All of the NBA 2k League’s 21 teams regularly host events in their local communities for amateur players to attend. The next time such an event is held, amateur attendees can show off how devoted they are with Scuf controllers that bear the brand.

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