Pokemon Go Shiny Spinda: What Does it Look Like?

pokemon go shiny spinda


Niantic has just released the Shiny form of Spinda in Pokemon Go.

According to a blog post by the developer, Spinda can be acquired by completing one of the Research Tasks for July 2019. That tasks is to make five great curveball throws in a row, according to our report.

So here’s what Shiny Spinda looks like in Pokemon Go:

Each Spinda you get from the Research Task has a set pattern for each month (with the exception of pattern number nine which was available during the Valentine’s Day 2019 event according to GameRant). For the Shiny version, not only does the Pokemon’s orange color turn to green, but the pattern also completely changes. You can see how each pattern changes in the photo above by The Silph Road Subreddit User MarsNeedsFreedomToo.

According to a photo from User Dvud, the pattern for this month is pattern number eight. So if you were to get a Shiny Spinda this month, it would look like the one in the photo below:

Also remember that you have until July 6 to catch a Pikachu wearing a party hat after taking a GO Snapshot photo or hatch a Pichu wearing a party hat from a 7 km Egg, according to Niantic. In addition, there’s a new Jump-Start Research quest, a higher damage bonus and Premier Balls when fighting Raid Bosses with friends and decreased Stardust costs for trading until September 2.

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