How to Unlock Pins (Characters) in Gears POP!

Gears Pop Unlock Pins

Gears POP! is the latest mobile spin-off game revolving around a major franchise. In this title, users attempt to gain territory and destroy their opponent’s position by deploying threats. Dubbed “Pins,” these act as your units which can range from classic characters such as Marcus Fenix to useful items like Ink Grenades. There are quite a few Pins, each of which has its own strengths and weakness on the battlefield. Sadly, you will need to do quite a bit of grinding to unlock them all.

You can obtain Pins by either purchasing them from the store or by opening loot boxes that you earn/buy. The most common method is the latter, as winning a Versus match will award you with a single Gears POP! loot box. Inside will be a random assortment of items like coins, Pins, or other useful objects. During our time playing, we earned one silver-tier chest per win. Additionally, you can earn a chest for going on a win streak, but this is only available once every few hours.

Unfortunately, you cannot open these chests right away, at least for free. Unlocking your loot is time-gated so you’ll either need to come back later or pay to open them now via crystals. Alternatively, you can go to the store and purchase loot boxes to open, but this will also cost the real-money currency, crystals. Unlocking a loot box doesn’t guarantee you a new Pin, as there is a chance you’ll obtain duplicates that are used for upgrading existing characters.

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MicrosoftGearsPOP is out now for iOS and Android devices.

Keep in mind most of the Pins are locked until you obtain additional Arenas which are unlocked by earning Cogs. These Cogs are given out when you win matches in Versus mode and it takes a few hundred to obtain a new Arena. Until you unlock a new Arena, many of the Pins will be impossible to acquire.

Finally, can unlock Pins by purchasing them directly from the Store for coins. This is the currency you earn by playing, completing bounties, and opening loot boxes. There are only three to start, but as you level up more will become available. Pins in the Store tab rotate, so if you don’t like something you can always check back.

Remember, the number over the Pins icon indicates how many you’ll get per purchase. So if you buy Augustus Cole, you’ll get 10 of his Pins. This is so you can upgrade your Pins and improve their combat performance in-game. If you really want to collect and expand your army of soldiers, be prepared for a long, long grind.

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