How to Get the Brawler Upgrade in Gears 5

Gears 5 Brawler Upgrade

Do you like to beat enemies to death with your bare fists? If so, you’ll want to get your hands on the Brawler upgrade in Gears 5. Tied to the Stim perk, when activated Kait’s melee damage is tripled against enemies. This makes her especially deadly against basic foes, allowing her to cut through foes in seconds. For those looking to obtain this upgrade, you better prepare for a pretty hectic fight, especially if you’re playing on a high difficulty.

To unlock the Brawler upgrade you’ll need to progress through Act 2, Chapter 3 until you’re tasked with visiting the North Com Tower. Take your skiff and head directly north until you discover the Condor Crash Site. Now head in, pick up the Tri-Gun, and slide down the hill to the main arena. You’ll be attacked by DBs, so use Shock Traps to disable them so you can quickly bring these robots down. A heavy variant will then appear carrying a Rocket Salvo, so focus your fire until it’s destroyed.

Pick up the Rocket Salvo and head up the hill to cause drone helicopter to appear. This chopper can do a ton of damage, so quickly get behind cover and let loose with the rockets. You’re aiming for the vents on the side and the engine just below the main rotor blades. When you run out of rockets, wait for the helicopter to stop firing before peeking out. The last thing you want is to be caught out in the open.

Once the helicopter is destoryed it will crash into the debris opening up a new path. In the debris you’ll find a safe on the right. Have Jack open it to obtain the Brawler upgrade, This will be automatically equipped so don’t worry about wasting any components.

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