How to Unlock the Detonator Upgrade in Gears 5 (Scavengers)

Gears 5 Detonator Upgrade

As you progress through Gears 5 you’ll begin to acquire powerful upgrades for your robot companion Jack. One of these is Detonator, which causes any victim under the influence of the Hijack ability to explode. It’s a supremely powerful skill that allows you to obliterate enemies. While you’ll earn the base skill as you progress through Chapter 3, to unlock Detonator you’ll need to rescue the three lost scavenger crews.

Hidden throughout the desert, you’ll need to manually locate them with your skiff. Additionally, you can only access the second and third crews after completing the first story mission in the desert and then going to the train bridge so it’s raised. Once this happens you’ll have access to the second part of the Chapter 3 map.

Here’s a breakdown of where to go to find the three scavenger crews and unlock the Detonator upgrade in Gears 5:

1. City Ruins

Gears 5

You can find the first part in the City Ruins location at the beginning of the chapter. This is a fairly straightforward encounter, as you’ll need to cover Jack as he cuts the door. Use a Lancer for this fight since there will be a ton of Juvies. Once he cuts the door, explore the area and pick up the electronic board to trigger this side quest.

2. Artillery Battery

Once you gain access to the other side of the map, go to the Artillery Battery to your right. When you arrive, cut open the pod at the entrance to free one of the lost scavengers. When you do this stay where you are and wait for him to approach the door. Soon you’ll be attacked by a huge wave of Juives and eventually a Snatcher. Make sure to use the ramp as cover since the Snatcher’s projectile can down you in a single hit.

Focus your fire on this mini-boss, making sure to watch out for any explosive Juvies that might charge towards you. After the Snatcher is dead, head inside and free the last of the trapped scavengers. Now follow the ramps to the second floor and pick up the second perk component on the desk in front of you.

3. Cargo Shipwreck

The final piece is located on the otherwise of the desert in the large Cargo Shipwreck. After arriving you’ll be greeted by two large Flocks. You’ll only be able to temporarily damage them before they retreat. When this happens go inside the large shipping container and grab the mech. Quickly head back outside and gun down the huge swarm of infected DBs now crawling towards you. Do not use the rockets for these.

After the wave of DBs is dealt with, both Flocks will return and resume attacking. Find a good position and switch the mech’s weapons to the rockets. Now open fire on the Flocks until they are completely dealt with. Once the Flocks are dead, go to the other side of the shipwreck to find the last component on the ground next to a body.

Grabbing the final piece will instantly unlock the Detonator upgrade for Jack, allowing you to blow up any mind-controlled enemies.

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