How to Decorate Your Room in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Decorate Room

Sometimes you just want to kick back and relax. Unlike the previous installments, Borderlands 3 gives users a room that they can slightly personalize. Tied to the Sanctuary spaceship, players will earn the ability to customize their room after freeing the trapped crewmates inside. Once unlocked, this room will not only serve as your home but the location of your vault.

To decorate a room, head inside and approach one of the hooks hanging on the wall. Hit Square (PS4)/X (Xbox One) to bring up your decorations and select the one you want to hang on the wall. Keep in mind you have to actually own decorations to put them up, so may not be able to early on. There are a total of three hooks in your room and you sadly cannot move any of the furniture.

Additionally, you can hang up specific pieces of gear such as weapons on wall mounts. These are black squares that can interacted with. Remember, the layout of the room and where you can place items is different for each character. If you’re playing with other people you can actually visit each others rooms and see the items they have up.

Decorations can be earned by either opening loot chests, completing specific missions, or purchasing them from Crazy Earl for Eridium. The latter is where you’ll find some of the best decorations, but we recommend saving your purple rocks for weapons and character cosmetics. Since there’s no bonuses or reason to decorate your room, don’t feel pressure to do so right away. This is something that will just happen as you play through the game.

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