How to Beat Barioth in Monster Hunter World Iceborne

how to beat barioth


Barioth is one of the most ferocious monsters exclusive to Monster Hunter World Iceborne, and can be quite the obstacle to many players. Here’s everything you need to know on how to beat Barioth.

Before You Hunt: Best Armor Skills & Equipment

Barioth is weakest to fire and immune to water and ice, so be sure to bring weapons with the fire element. It’s also moderately weak to all status effects, if you want to take that into consideration.

You’re going to need the Partbreaker and Ice Resistance Armor Skills. Partbreaker will allow you to break its limbs and sever its tail sooner and Ice Resistance will protect you from its ice-based attacks. If you have at least 20 ice resistance from both you gear and the Ice Resistance skill, you’ll be completely immune to the Iceblight status effect Barioth can inflict. You can get a level four Ice Resistance decoration that gives you two levels of the Ice Resistance skill by completing a Master Rank optional quest from the Elder Melder that has you hunt a Great Jagras. You can also counter Iceblight with the Cleanser Booster, Nulberries and the Iceproof Mantle.

How to Beat Barioth

Barioth is very mobile and has powerful physical attacks. Watch out for its tail swipe attack because it’s deceptively hard to dodge since the tail doesn’t swing around instantly, so don’t dodge too early. The tail swipe can also kick up ice. Barioth can also fly through the air or cling onto walls and dive at the ground, which can do a ton of damage.

Barioth can shoot blasts from its mouth from both on the ground and in the air. The impact of these blasts kick up ice tornadoes which are similar to the ones created by Kushala Daora. Try to avoid them and don’t get cornered and trapped in the tornado. I’ve found that the ice tornado attack has a chance to misfire if you damage Barioth enough.

Your biggest priority is to break its forelimbs and sever its tail. Once its forelimbs are broken, it will slip around when it does it’s dive attacks. This will give you a better opportunity to counterattack. Severing its tail will also reduce its mobility on the ice as well as remove its tricky tail swipe attack. Use blunt weapons like Hammers and Hunting Horns on the forelimbs and slicing weapons like the Long Sword and Sword & Shield on its tail. Be careful when attacking the forelimbs because it likes to do a side tackle to knock you away.

After that, focus attacks on the head so you can break that too. Doing so will net you a valuable monster part which you can use to craft some top-notch weapons.

If Barioth encounters a Fulgur Anjanath, the two will engage in a Turf War that will knock out around 1,900 HP to both monsters during the scuffle. After the fight is over, use Dung Pods to scare away the Fulgur Anjanath so it doesn’t harass you.

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