New Pokemon, Curry, & Camps Revealed For Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword Shield Curry Camp

During today’s Nintendo Direct, we got a glimpse at some new features coming to Pokemon Sword & Shield. Set to release later this year, Nintendo decided to showcase a new multiplayer component, Pokemon, and some additional content. Like the previous Pokemon games, you can customize your trainer’s clothing and appearance. However, developer Game Freak has added more clothing options beyond just hats, jackets, and pants. This should allow you to stand out among the other players roaming the Galar region.

Additionally, we learned about Pokemon Camps, which are multiplayer hubs that players can set up. Once deployed, up to three other users can visit your camp, play with Pokemon, and help raise their stats. Users can also make curry, which is crafted by mixing berries and other ingredients together. There will be over 100 different recipes for players to learn and each recipe you complete will be stored in your CurryDex.

Finally, two new Pokemon were revealed during the Nintendo Direct. Poltegiest is a Ghost-type Pokemon that hides in a teacup and Cramorant is a very, very hungry bird. Cramorant’s special ability is called Gulp Missile, which lets him fire a fish (Yes, really) at is opponents if he’s attacked.

Pokemon Sword & Shield is set to release for Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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