How to Unlock the Pit of Heresy Dungeon in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Unlock Pit of Heresy Dungeon

The new dungeon for Destiny 2 Shadowkeep has officially launched, but if you want to hop in right away you’ll need to complete a small quest for Eris Morn first. While this can be done alone, we strongly recommend bringing a fireteam since there’s a lot of potential for extra loot and even one of the new weapons! When the game starts, go visit Eris Morn and speak to her to obtain the quest.

This will ask you to partake in the new Altars of Sorrow activity located in Sorrow’s Harbor on the Moon. Once you’re here, head up to the initiation point and begin the activity. In this wave-based mode, you’ll need to clear out a specific number of Nightmares during the allotted time. Killing a Nightmare resets the timer, so you’ll only have around 40-50 seconds to kill each Nightmare.

Slaying them all will progress you to the next round which spawns somewhere else in Sorrow’s Harbor. Just look for the big glowing green energy barrier and the red Altars of Sorrow icon. To complete the quest you’ll need to kill 20 Nightmares during this mode and open a chest from a  Tier III wave or above? You can go up to five waves – six including a final boss – for this activity.

Each wave gets progressively harder and there are a few wrinkles thrown in such as using swords to take down a foe’s shield so you can damage them. When you reach the boss, fight the massive Nightmare until he becomes invulnerable and conjures up some extra Nightmares. Kill these Nightmares as fast as possible, as they will try to sacrifice themselves in the middle orb. If they reach it you will lose 10 seconds off your timer, but if they die you’ll earn 10 seconds.

Once you’ve completed the quest, head back to Eris and speak with her to unlock the Pit of Hersey dungeon. This is not a matchmade activity and it boasts a recommended Light of 940. Since this activity awards Pinnacle tier gear, it’s absolutely worth running weekly. You can access this activity from the Destination map of the Moon. 

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