Where is Diablo: Immortal? Dev Explains BlizzCon Absence

Diablo Immortal BlizzCon 2019


The big Diablo announcement for BlizzCon 2018 was Diablo: Immortal, a mobile game that was met with a lot of disappointment from a fanbase who was expecting the next major entry in the series.

Those issues were remedied this year with the unveiling of Diablo 4, but nowhere to be seen was Diablo: Immortal. While that might be good news to those who were angry about the announcement, there are still several fans who are looking forward to the game.

Immortal’s absence at BlizzCon was explained by developer Wyatt Cheng, who infamously asked the crowd if they owned phones.

Cheng penned a Reddit post explaining what state of development of Diablo: Immortal is in and why it didn’t make an appearance at BlizzCon 2019.

Why Wasn’t Diablo: Immortal at BlizzCon?

Diablo Immortal

BlizzardDiablo: Immortal had a playable demo at BlizzCon 2019.

Simply put, Cheng said the reason we didn’t get any information about the upcoming mobile game is that the team didn’t want to take any of the shine away from the announcement of Diablo 4.

This year’s conference was all about Diablo 4 and what we saw was highly impressive. That doesn’t mean Immortal was a complete no show, as there was a demo that allowed players to check out some of the new content that has been developed since the initial announcement.

You can read more about the new installments in Diablo: Immortal by taking a look at the update blog post here.

When Does Diablo: Immortal Come Out?

Diablo Immortal Release Date

‌When does Diablo: Immortal come out?

Blizzard doesn’t yet have a definitive release date for the game, but development is still ongoing. Cheng dispelled all the rumors that claimed the game is close to being finished and said that is not the case.

They said it takes time to reach the quality level they are aiming for and said they have a bunch of ambitious goals they want to reach.

Diablo: Immortal will be supported post-launch so even once it releases, that’s not the end of it.

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